Five basic procedures for handover ceremony

In the first item, the host announced that the handover ceremony had officially started.

At this moment, all participants should take a long time applause and express their warm congratulations to the hosts. Prior to this, the host should invite all parties concerned to take a seat on the rostrum and in a proper way suggest that all personnel remain quiet.

The second item is to play the national anthem and perform the landmark songs of the host organization.

Before this, all participants must stand up. This procedure may also be omitted. However, if this process can be arranged, it will often make the handover ceremony more solemn and solemn.

In the third item, the construction, installation and receiving units formally transfer the relevant project or large-scale equipment.

The specific method is mainly represented by the representatives of the construction and installation units. The symbolic items such as the relevant engineering projects, large-scale equipment acceptance documents, checklists or keys are formally submitted to the representatives of the receiving units. At this point, both parties should smell a smile and hand in and receive the relevant items. After this, you should also shake hands warmly. This indicates that the relevant project or large equipment has been officially transferred to the receiving unit. If the conditions permit, during the process of the program, lively festive songs can be played or played live.

In some cases, in order to further create a warm and grand atmosphere, this procedure can also be replaced by the head of the higher authorities or the local government for cutting off the relevant engineering projects and the opening of large-scale equipment.

In the fourth item, the representatives of various parties made statements.

As is customary, at the handover ceremony, the representatives of the parties concerned must speak. They should be in turn: representatives of construction and installation units, representatives of receiving units, representatives of guests, and so on. These speeches are generally ceremonial and are characterized by joy. They should usually be short-living, and only a few words can be reached. In principle, each person’s speech should be limited to three minutes.

The fifth item declares that the handover ceremony has officially ended.

Then arrange for all guests to visit or watch entertainment. At this moment, all participants should again give a long and warm applause.

According to the general requirements of ceremony etiquette, the handover ceremony is the same as other ceremonies, and it is also expensive, long, and inexpensive. Under normal circumstances, the time spent from the beginning to the end of each handover ceremony should not exceed one hour in general. In order to achieve this, it is required that the handover ceremony should be less detailed and more precise in terms of specific procedures. Because of this, some of the content that should have been included in the formal process, such as visits, entertainment, etc., was considered as an auxiliary activity after the formal ceremony was concluded.

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