SPEC Releases SC410 Integrated Buck Regulator

Scientitech has released an integrated step-down regulator, the SC410, with an input voltage of 5.5V to 24V and an output current of 3A, expanding its high-performance EcoSpeed ​​regulator platform. The addition of the new product, the SC410, enables Semtech's existing EcoSpeed ​​regulator platforms to provide a wide choice of output current ranges from 3A to 30A. The SC410 has a wide input voltage range and is ideal for Li-Ion battery packs and chargers, as well as regulated 12V or 18V mains for embedded applications such as industrial, networking/communications, office automation, and high-end consumer digital electronics. rail.

Alan Burchfield, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Semtech Power Management Group, stated: "In response to the needs of the mainstream market, we are actively expanding the EcoSpeed ​​family of regulators and controllers to ensure that we can provide the best solution for any application. Now, We can supply 6A and 10A regulators and controllers with up to 30A output current capability from products with wider input voltage range.With the new SC410, engineers now have an easy way to meet smaller current demands. Use solutions."

The SC410 uses a proprietary technology from Semtech's adaptive on-time (AOT) architecture to achieve the best performance of its class and provide high conversion efficiency under both standby and full load, thus meeting today's increasingly demanding green energy sources. Claim. The AOT architecture uses an advanced control loop to dynamically adjust the on-time according to the input and output voltage conditions. Compared to traditional voltage-mode and current-mode topologies, the AOT architecture has pseudo-fixed-frequency operation and predictable EMI characteristics that are better than unpredictable fixed on-time and hysteresis control architectures.

The AOT architecture uses a fast comparator to control the response time, rather than the slow error amplifier used in traditional voltage mode and current mode architectures, thereby reducing the size of the power devices used in the system. The AOT architecture eliminates the need for loop compensation components; ceramic input and output capacitors can be used to simplify the design and reduce component count.

The SC410 operating frequency can be programmed from 200kHz to 1MHz. This allows designers to optimize their power supply and trade off efficiency and size to find the optimal solution. The device also uses Stent's patented SmartDrive technology, a two-step high-side FET conduction technology designed to reduce EMI in noise-sensitive applications.

The Ultrasonic Power SAVE function of the SC410 reduces the switching frequency and reduces gate charge switching loss of FETs to achieve high standby efficiency during light loads, making it ideal for low power standby needs. When the load shifts from standby to full load, the EcoSpeed ​​converter quickly cycles out of UPSAVE mode, providing extremely fast wake-up recovery times. To eliminate audio noise during standby, UPSAVE keeps the switching frequency above 22kHz.

The SC410 also has a soft-start function that effectively reduces inrush current and reduces the stress on the input power supply. Dedicated power-good and enable terminals simplify the design of the power supply. Comprehensive fault protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit and short circuit protection, output over/under voltage, and over-temperature protection. The device is available in a space-saving, 10-pad, 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.0 mm, lead-free, halogen-free MLPD package.

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