Top Ten Reasons for Attractiveness in IT Industry: Highest Pay Rank

Is the IT industry an industry that makes people feel depressed, or is it an industry with extraordinary charisma? Most IT practitioners are under tremendous pressure and work for a long time. Many people think that their work is not interesting at all. Previously, South Korea’s ZDNET published an article “Top Ten Reasons to Leave the IT Industry.” These ten reasons include the pressure, the long working hours, the need to act according to the order, and fierce competition. But in fact, the IT industry is not so repressed and boring.

Allen Norton of CNET Corporation in the United States introduced ten reasons for staying in the IT industry and hoped that those who wanted to leave the IT industry would reconsider. Although most of the reasons are derived from the United States, it is also worth our reference and reference.

The temptation of high salary is that any office worker will find money hard to earn. Although the IT industry is also the same, compared with other professions, the annual salary of the IT industry is still relatively high. The American CNET analysis pointed out: "The reason that the IT industry is so attractive is one reason is the relatively high annual salary temptation. Whether it is young people or middle-aged people, compared with other occupations, the ability to earn less is also a good annual salary. ."

This is especially true in computers and mathematics-related occupations. According to the results of the employment status and commission surveys released by the Bureau of Statistics of the US Department of Labor last year, the annual salary of laborers in computer and mathematics-related occupations is US$77,230, ranking third in US pay, the first two being economic and Legal related industries.

Challenges Consciousness The constant self-challenge of the IT industry is also one of its attractions. The American CNET even commented that "IT experts spend every day dealing with various puzzles and solving problems." In particular, the project's R & D personnel, when programming is in trouble, will sit on the bench all day and not move, and every day Deal with all kinds of troubles. CNET pointed out that in the face of difficulties, do not always think about correcting mistakes. Instead, they should consider these problems as one challenge, and the efficiency of work will also be improved.

Norton said: “I think of the project development as a career is to look at its challenges. Although the IT industry will encounter many difficulties, but when the difficulties are resolved, the mood will be very pleasant.”

The sense of accomplishment The IT industry is focused on overcoming challenges. After completing the project, it will not only get extra rewards, but will also feel proud when it sees that its results have been approved in the market and it will have a great sense of accomplishment. Many practitioners in the IT industry view their designs and completed projects as part of their lives.

Even if you are not responsible for the project, you only provide assistance for other people's projects, but also have a sense of accomplishment. According to CNET analysis, “IT practitioners are not like doctors and nurses, but the self-confidence and sense of accomplishment during project implementation are irreplaceable.” An engineer once said, “The IT industry is now in all occupations. One of the most challenging careers requires not only a simple thought but also a variety of different tasks."

The professional CNET explained that IT practitioners' project awareness and professionalism are very strong. Engineers, project managers, and others all require very professional technical knowledge. Therefore, IT professionals are highly professional.

Allen Norton said: "A lot of people like to work with professionals and avoid people who are not professional. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the IT industry."

A Bright Job Prospect The employment of the IT industry is relatively easy. The IT industry continues to have new technologies and professionals are in a deprived state at any time. Norton said: “The future of IT professionals is bright.” According to the survey of CNN and Payscale, among the most promising salary occupations, 5 of the top 20 are in the IT industry, compared with 14 in the top 50. This is an IT industry.

Continuous experience The personal experience is somewhat related to the professionalism and competitiveness of the previous project. CNET pointed out that people engaged in the IT industry will not affect personal experience in the short term, so reemployment will not be very difficult.

Norton said: "For the IT industry's boss, the resume does not fully explain a person's ability. Compared with other industries, the IT industry's job resume can be very simple."

Technology According to CNET analysis: IT practitioners generally have higher IQs and possess unique thinking and technical capabilities. This is because IT companies will hire people who like to analyze things and are interested in new technologies.

Like to work in the IT industry is mainly due to access to the most advanced IT technology. Technology is an investment in your future. If you leave the IT industry for a long time and you want to enter again, you will feel powerless because of weak technical power.

Understanding the "ten reasons to want to leave the IT industry" pointed out that IT practitioners want to leave the industry because many people do not understand it. IT practitioners do a lot of work and help many people, but many people don't understand what they do.

Allen Norton pointed out: "It is difficult to get the understanding of ordinary people, but this understanding can be obtained from peers." Smart professionals will make positive comments on the contributions of others, and will show a corresponding appreciation and understanding.

The geek IT industry is particularly vulnerable to geeks. Many IT geeks who cannot adapt to schools and society have created many things that surprise the world. Why is the IT industry particularly vulnerable to geeks? CNET explained: The geeks in the IT industry are constantly innovating in order to meet their needs for new technologies. There are not many occupations that have the desire to own new technology products and learn new technologies while earning salaries like this.

People who love most of the IT industry's IT industry love their business. It may not be apparent on the surface. The depth of the actual heart is very proud of and extremely loves the undertakings that it is engaged in.

Allen Norton said: "If the pay is proportional to the income, all IT employees love their own business. Because many people who temporarily leave the industry, they have returned to the industry."

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