Mobile game developers anger Baidu claim 30 million

This year is not a lucky year for Baidu. At the beginning of the year, writers were dissatisfied with the large number of pirated works in Baidu's library and set off a massive "crusade" campaign. Until now, the matter has not yet been completely settled. Immediately afterwards, the musicians also stood up and launched anti-piracy rights protection against Baidu MP3.

At the end of recent years, Baidu has still not been plagued by copyright disputes. The “cruelling” of them is a mobile game developer, accusing Baidu WAP website gaming channel to provide users with pirated game downloads. Baidu denied this, saying that the games were all from third-party websites.

30 million yuan price claim

On November 11th, on the day of the Singles, a press conference was held in Beijing. The organizer was the China Mobile Game Developers Alliance (CPU).

At the meeting, CPU said that 25 member units had filed a lawsuit against Baidu and had filed a case in the Haidian District People's Court. The CPU claims to be suing because Baidu ignores the interests of developers and has a large number of pirated games on its mobile gaming platform. The number of games involving members of pirated CPUs amounted to more than 300, and the claim was filed with the court to claim 100,000 yuan for each game. The amount involved was over 30 million.

Baidu quickly responded. For allegations, Baidu said that games on Baidu Mobile are all from third-party websites. Baidu has never cracked and uploaded mobile games on its own. In order to improve the network transmission efficiency of non-smartphone users and the experience of using mobile Internet, Baidu only adopts certain technical means to help mobile users download and use mobile games from third-party websites more quickly and steadily.

In addition, Baidu also said that in August this year has launched a new mobile Internet game application platform. At present, Baidu's mobile Internet game application platform has reached copyright cooperation with hundreds of mobile game players. Netizens can directly download and use more than 1,000 legitimate mobile games on the platform.

Baidu, CPU hold each word

Pan Yuwen is a member of China Entertainment Wireless Corporation, a member of the CPU Alliance. He believes that Baidu is completely untenable.

“The number of games involving piracy and infringement on Baidu is very large. There are a few thousand models, 354 of which are related to our CPU Alliance.” Pan Xiaowen told reporters. He believes that these pirated games cannot be uploaded by third-party websites. First of all, the CPU Alliance found that pirated games exist on Baidu’s own servers. “We spent almost half a year doing forensics and notarization, collecting a lot of evidence,” Pan said.

Second, Pan Xiaowen said that accessing Baidu's game channel using WAP has no way of uploading the game's entrance. In addition, the games on Baidu WAP are all choreographed, even marked "XX version" and written completely free of charge, in fact, is a cracked version. "The game was edited and the game could not be uploaded. How do you say this was uploaded by a third party?"

Pan Yuwen said that the CPU coalition has already indicted Baidu as early as three months ago. It passed the first trial about two weeks ago, but it did not appear in court. “At the time of the first instance, they did not defend the infringement in court. He also knew that it was his own doing because all of our evidence was clearly shown.”

According to Pan Yuwen, before the conference was held, Baidu had contact with the CPU Alliance. "In fact, we have no controversy, but there are differences in the specific amount of compensation. We feel that they are not sincere." He said that Baidu had initially expressed its willingness to compensate 2 million, and then rose to 3.54 million, "that is, 1 game lost 10,000." However, in the view of the CPU Alliance, the compensation is still too low, "In the industry, in general, The compensation for each pirated game is between 3 and 50,000, and the high one is between 8 and 100,000."

The reporter tried to interview Yue Guofeng (Weibo), general manager of Baidu's mobile internet division. He said that the interview should contact Baidu Public Relations. People in Baidu Public Relations clearly responded to Pan Zhiwen's statement. "This is not a thing, Baidu did not recognize infringement," and stated that the games on Baidu's mobile site all come from third-party websites. Baidu has never cracked the mobile game and uploaded it to itself. On the website.

The copyright of the game is deadlocked

"On the whole, the number of pirated games is now increasing." Liu Xi, general manager of PopCap Greater China, a developer of Plants vs. Zombies, told reporters: "For pirates, we used to have Legal action."

Legal rights protection is not a difficult task for game developers such as PopCap. For many small-scale developers, this is a huge burden. "Developing a mobile game is the first thing to apply for copyright, but now many companies are relatively small and have limited energy. After the game came out, they did not even register for copyright," Pan said.

In Liu Xi’s opinion, there are many laws and regulations concerning copyright protection. The key is to see how to implement it. "Whether the legitimate company's appeal can obtain the maximum support and the infringement is not easy to be identified. The details of these operation levels need to be improved."

Pan Yuwen said that the excessively low cost of violations of laws and regulations led to the proliferation of piracy. China Entertainment Wireless has sued a mobile game website and the first- and second-trial judged the website infringing. "But they refused to pay compensation and the court enforced the closure of its account. But this site is still doing piracy because he The gains are far greater than the cost of his violations, which is unimaginable in foreign countries."

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