iPad 3 is coming? Apple cuts iPad 2 massive orders

iPad 3 is coming? Apple cuts iPad 2 massive orders Foreign media reports today said that Apple has substantially cut orders for the iPad 2's required display screen in the fourth quarter. According to the Taiwanese upstream supply chain, Apple’s move is to prepare for the mass production of the iPad 3.

An insider of Taiwan's upstream supply chain said that Apple's massive reduction of iPad 2’s fourth-quarter orders is to make more time for mass production of the iPad 3 . However, according to the current inventory of parts and components, there are no problems with reproducing 400-500 million iPad 2s.

Earlier, it was reported that Samsung and Sharp had sent samples of the screens required by the next iPad to Apple in October. Most of the current rumors claim that the iPad 3's display size is still 9.7 inches with a resolution of 2048x1536 and a PPI value of 264 pixels.

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