Foreign trade with a single analysis: attention to detail

In the process of documenting, be "serious" and "go one more step."

Do "seriously"

1. Defining the need for "seriousness". Today's work is the result of tomorrow. Work in the first few months will bring orders now. Each customer inquiry received by the company is the result of a large amount of advertising investment by the company. Failure to follow up with customers is a waste of company resources.

2. Fully familiar with the company's products, quotations, sample preparation, order approval, production, quality inspection, inspection, shipping process. This is the basis for providing professional services to customers.

3. Think clearly about the work of the day at work every day, and think back to work today before work. Make sure that the most important and urgent work is done.

4. Use regular business letter formats and company-defined signatures for all day-to-day customer communications. A sentence-type reply is also not allowed (no business letter format at all).

5. Reply the first time you receive a customer letter. When it is not possible to give a clear reply, send a “letter received” confirmation and confirm that the customer can provide a clear reply time. That is to ensure the bidirectionality of communication.

6. The minimum number of samples to satisfy the customer (up to three times). Communicate with the customer as much detail as possible to ensure that the samples produced are satisfied with the customer at one time. This will greatly increase the possibility of taking orders, speed up order times and reduce company sample production costs. A thorough understanding of the product will help you provide services that make your customers more satisfied.

7. After the sample is completed, the business staff must keep a complete set of samples that are exactly the same as the one provided to the customer, and complete and well-preserved.

8. The promise to the customer must be fully realized. When there are uncertainties, seek advice from the superior immediately before confirming it with the customer to ensure that each commitment is achieved. And communicate with the superior the reason for handling the results.

9. Understand order production schedules and follow-up on the order product quality on a regular basis.

10. The company only has "we", without them. All the problems raised by the customers are the company's companies and their own problems. We must solve the problems encountered by customers or solve them with customers. Do not turn the issue into complaints, and do not leave it aside. If you take the initiative to solve it, you will find that it is not so difficult to imagine. And practice tells us that the most troubled customers are the most loyal customers.

11. Must understand the basic business etiquette, in the communication, follow-up process to respect customers. Allow customers to find you at any time, but do not request or non-emergency, do not call the customer's mobile phone; Each use of the customer's express account must be allowed by the customer's permission; changes to any aspect of the product / order, etc. need to be solicited Customer's opinion/consent and let the customer understand the situation.

"One more step in service"

1. Promote company websites and make full use of company websites. Allowing customers to understand the company through the website will save a lot of time.

2. Do 11 “proactive” initiatives to introduce company services and products, actively (regularly) maintain contact with customers, and actively request customer's courier accounts, proactively provide express delivery numbers, proactively provide sample product images, and actively request and confirm containers , initiatively provide order production progress, take the initiative to agree inspection time, take the initiative to provide inspection reports, and actively request customers to provide feedback on the quality of orders, and actively recommend new products to customers. "Proactive" performance in actions earlier than customers.

3. Provides the most complete service to customers from every minute detail, reducing the company's trade risk with customers. In the process of communicating with each customer, the company's image is maintained. The feedback of the customer's feedback is centralized to the marketing department as a reference for the company's future plans. This will bring overall benefits to the company and it will also benefit the development of the customer.

4. Under the premise of completing work within their own responsibilities, help colleagues solve problems or propose suggestions for solving problems. Any customer's phone must be answered warmly and record accordingly. Form a business team that loves each other.

5. In the big group of companies, individual strength cannot change the status of the company. The team strength is unlimited.

Details determine the success or failure of this product Only your company can produce it? This product you provide to the customer's quality and price only your company can do it? There are certainly many companies that can do it. But the details of products and services are different for each company, and the way to deal with problems is also different for each company. Attention to detail can make the company more stable development.

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