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A new business model must always be changed according to the environment and technology, advance in compromise, and direct sales are no exception. No shop, no advertising, this is a typical characteristic of direct sales. Today, Amway China has made improvements in its existing direct selling system. Whether it is setting up stores, establishing a “direct sales + distribution + store sales” composite model, or advocating through spokesperson advertisements, it is to cater to the psychological and habits of local consumers. .

Facts have proved that these changes are necessary in the Chinese market. Stores and advertisements not only provided the government, the public, and the media with a window to understand Amway, but also gave consumers more trust. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, 70% of Amway’s operating income came from the U.S. market, but currently 90% of its revenue comes from outside the U.S. market. Among them, the contribution of the Chinese market is significant. In 2010, Amway’s sales in China were as high as 22 billion renminbi.

Summarizing Amway's experience over the years, Huang Deyin believes that improving the company's visibility and transparency is the first priority for the public to understand and understand and enhance the public image of the industry. At present, Amway has opened more than 250 direct-operated stores in more than 200 cities nationwide. This is a revolutionary change for the direct selling company. It also means great challenges. If such a large investment fails, it will mean serious losses. Asked about the reasons behind the investment, Huang Deyin smiled and said: "The Chinese say that 'Escape to the monk cannot escape the temple'. This is the reason."

In addition, the product is the best image spokesperson for the company and an important determinant of the public image. Providing personalized services to consumers is the biggest advantage of direct sales, which is different from other sales models, and is also one of the core social values ​​of direct sales. “Well, there is a lot of extra points for the public image of the direct selling industry,” said Huang Deyin.

As in other industries, the public often do not deal directly with companies, but instead have direct relationships with corporate products and marketing personnel. In other words, in addition to indirectly obtaining information from the media and other fields to feel corporate image, the public is more likely to experience corporate image through the use of products and contact with marketing personnel, and the latter is more direct and profound. In the industry where direct sales are mainly dependent on independent salespersons, the image of the industry is very dependent on salespersons. The image of the salesman is good and the quality is high. The image of the industry is like, and vice versa. In the face of this challenge, Amway has invested tremendous energy and funds in personnel education and management.

The image of the construction industry is not only aimed at one company, but the entire industry needs to be solved collaboratively. In 2006, the China Direct Marketing Industry Development Research Center of Peking University was established. At present, there are already 11 direct selling companies that have become governing units. The research center has to carry out a series of research topics and corporate seminars every year. In 2010, 15 direct sales companies such as Amway Corporation signed the "Distribution of Direct Selling Companies Self-Discipline Convention" to jointly promote the development of the industry and enhance the image of the industry.

Focus on innovation Amway is positioned in middle- and high-income families in China. With the 80s that have entered or are about to enter the age of 30, they have become the main force of consumption, and they rely on the Internet. The consumption patterns and patterns are completely different from those of the 1950s and 1960s.

In response, Huang Deyin introduced that the company is very concerned about consumer changes in the new media era and has already acted. Amway China has set up a new media group to study various emerging communication tools and the spread of Internet word of mouth. Now, Amway’s sales staff will try to use SNS, Weibo to communicate with work partners and customers.

"Technology brings new challenges and opportunities. We must keep pace with the times," Huang Deyin said with certainty. This is no empty talk. Amway has always done so. Adjust the business model in line with government policies, set up shops, advertising to cater to the psychology and habits of local consumers. At Amway, there is a saying: "Innovation is a concept, it is a way of life," and it may be a good indication of the driving force behind its constant adjustment and improvement to meet the challenge.

Changes have also changed. Amway, which has improved its direct sales model, still retains the basic corporate culture, business philosophy, and direct sales partnerships. Therefore, even with the booming of e-commerce, Amway is still cautious about this channel and avoids conflicts with existing sales channels. Amway connects e-commerce with existing sales channels in parallel, not in parallel. In other words, the use of online sales is to better provide sales personnel with convenience and not to have an impact on their offline business.

In the 16 years since Amway entered China, the direct selling industry in which it was located was a sensitive and uneven industry, together with a large number of marketing teams, all of which challenged the management, development, and management of the company. Such a special background made Amway a leader with a strong inner mind. Facing the doubts of the outside world, he must have the determination not to give up and to have clear patience. Huang Deyin has played the role of “communicator” in Amway for decades. He continuously communicates with the public, communicates with the media, and communicates with the government so that all stakeholders accept and recognize Amway’s business methods.

He laughed and said he is still doing this work - "Communication"

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