The standardization work of domestic LED lighting product parts started

In order to realize the standardization of LED lighting product parts and components, product versatility, interchangeability, convenience of maintenance, standardizing the market, achieving large-scale production, reducing costs, etc., National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance LED companies to develop specifications Interface standardization work. Through the preliminary investigation, the standardization work of the alliance specification interface starts with LED downlights and is gradually carried out. It is expected that the formulation of relevant technical specifications will be completed by the end of 2011.

The research involved LED downlights, street lamps, tunnel lights, spotlights, bulbs, flat lamps, dimming and remote control, and test methods. The specifications are based on performance standards, module specifications, and interface interface standards. Such as LED flat panel lamps and other innovative lighting products reflect the advantages of LED performance standards; and external general-purpose interface LED spotlights, bulbs and other replacement LED lights to develop light module specifications; LED downlights, street lights, Tunnel lighting, dimming and remote control are mainly based on interface interface standards. The content of the interface is to define the interface specifications of the lighting, machine, electricity, heat, and control of lighting products or systems that are mainly matched with modules, and to formulate advanced and representative values. Leading specifications interface technology standards.

With the dynamic development of semiconductor lighting products, the technology maturity of various LED lighting products is different. The research on the standardization of the product specification interface was initiated firstly and the research work was carried out. The formulation of the specification interface standard was aimed at a relatively mature product. Keep track of various LED technology routes and solutions, and when necessary, start new interface standards or upgrade existing standards.

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