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Since 2007 , Shanghai Sansi has been involved in LED lighting . In just a few years, Sansi Lighting has already possessed the most advanced technology in the LED lighting industry, which is mainly due to the tireless immersion in the research and development of LED application products for more than 20 years . Sansi Lighting has accumulated a solid technical foundation.

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If Sansi Lighting had a certain influence in the industry before 2014 , then the introduction of the 10W LED bulb that completely meets the requirements of the 100 incandescent lamp specification is the most direct display of Sansi Lighting in LED lighting technology. One, and the only LED company in the industry that can achieve this level . When other LED lighting manufacturers in the industry are still chasing them, Sansi Lighting has launched an explosive new product - WIFI intelligent control LED color bulbs. Compared with the control method on the market, Sansi Lighting is in intelligent control mode. It also opened a door for the industry.


Since the successful launch of the LED lighting series in 2007 , more than 500,000 LED high-power lighting products have been successfully used in tunnels, subways, highways, gas stations, airports and many other fields, which have been running well and have greatly improved the same period. The success rate of lighting projects is too low. Hidden lamp beads reflective surface light source lamps illuminate first think for Shenzhen Metro Line 27 stations, LED lighting solve the dazzling glare of the major issues fundamentally, after more than four years of time have to undertake in Shanghai, A total of 22 lighting projects in Zhengzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi, Nanjing and Hangzhou Metros have become the largest suppliers of LED lighting in the domestic metro .

Sansi Lighting products have always been known for their high quality, and they are able to reach the world's top level, both in terms of the appearance of the product and the technical content of the product itself. Sansi Lighting products have always been the most enthusiastic consumers in the pursuit of quality at home and abroad, especially in some developed countries and regions with extensive sales, customers who have used Sansi lighting products, all praised Sansi lighting products.

Sansi Lighting has always been adhering to the concept of being responsible to customers, carefully building products, and giving back the support and trust of users with high quality and high quality products.

We adopt the advanced technology imported from Europe, patented technology, specialized software to optimize the design for Dry Type Transformer. The core is made of cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheet which cut in step-lap by GEORG Germany TBA core cutting lines and laminated by the method of fifth-order step-by-step stacking technology, enabling the no-load performance of the core to improve greatly. The epoxy resin from American HUNTSMAN is adopted for the windings which casted in the vacuum resin casting machine imported from HEDRICH, Germany. The winding material ensures good permeability, no bubbles occur, which leads to minimum partial discharge. The HV and LV winding mate with each other tightly, which ensures solid strength of structure and capability to withstand short circuit and vibration. Under normal service condition, the service life of dry type transformer is 30 years. No crack will form on the surface of transformer winding due to temperature variation as long as the transformer runs under normal service condition.

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