Application of Embedded IPC in Intelligent Bus Stops

People living in a fast-paced city must have had such experiences. The more hurrying and waiting for the bus, the less likely they are to come. This time, if you know that the waiting bus is still a few stations away, How long is it going to be. The emergence of smart bus stop cards just solved this problem. Now people only have to see the arrival time of the next bus to quickly decide whether to wait or change to the subway or taxi. In addition to forecasting arrival information, the smart bus stop also includes multiple functions such as multimedia video playback, real-time video surveillance, and public information release, bringing convenience and an efficient lifestyle, while ensuring the accuracy of information transmission and various functions. Its stability is the basic prerequisite for providing good services to the public.

The core of realizing the three functions of intelligent bus stop

The interior of the intelligent bus stop is divided into three major functional modules: First, the display module is equipped with LCD and LED display screens. The LED is used to display the arrival forecast information of the bus, including route forecast, location forecast and time forecast; LCD is used for instant information release, such as news summary, government announcement, weather forecast, traffic information, and financial newsletter. In addition, in the event of emergencies such as sudden disaster weather and sudden outbreaks, information can be released at the first time and become one of the components of the emergency response system for public emergency events in the city. Second, the intelligent monitoring module and the wireless surveillance camera on the station board can monitor passenger flow, traffic flow, and public order around the bus station in real time. Third, the wireless communication module is responsible for sending data to the main control unit of the stop sign through 3G or wifi, and can also realize free wireless wifi coverage of the bus station. Another feature is to realize human network interaction, such as the surrounding 1 km range. Information on value-added services such as restaurants, pharmacies, entertainment venues, sports venues, etc. The above three functions must be integrated in the same main control platform to play a role, and the embedded industrial control computer is the stable solution of the main control unit. It is responsible for processing the collected data and information to ensure the normal operation of each function.

Intelligent bus stop system structure

The nerve center that maintains the stable operation of the system

As the main control unit of the system, the embedded industrial control computer is equivalent to the central nervous system of the intelligent bus stop. How stable and efficient the whole system is to run, puts high requirements on the embedded industrial control computer.

Smart bus station cards work in outdoor environment for a long time and are greatly affected by temperature, humidity and dust. They are required to be able to adapt to the severe winter and summer exposure. Therefore, the equipment must have wide temperature characteristics; to reduce the impact of dust on the equipment, The structure needs to be sealed and fanless. If the system is powered by a municipal network power supply, there will be unstable power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to support a wide voltage device to ensure the normal operation of the system. Terminal equipment connected to many peripherals, such as: LED, LCD display, surveillance camera, power supply module, communication module, etc., I / O interface types required, a large number of; terminal equipment structure design is more compact, requires the design of the machine humane , Easy to install, easy to maintain. In addition, the requirement for normal working hours throughout the year is not less than 90% and the equipment's reliable life span is not less than 5 years.

Advantech ARK that easily meets system requirements

Advantech embedded industrial control computer has practical application cases in the city smart bus stop card system, ARK-2120F is its perfect solution. In addition to the rugged and reliable performance of the ARK-2120F, the -20~60°C wide temperature feature meets harsh outdoor high and low temperature environments, the 12-24V wide voltage input adapts to the unstable power supply status, and the multiple IO interface is the system's subsequent upgrade. Reserve space. The long life cycle of 5-7 years guarantees the long-term and stable supply of the equipment. Advantech's high-quality after-sales service also ensures the stable operation of the system.


●?Fanless compact embedded computer with Intel® AtomTM N2600 1.6 GHz/D2550 1.86 GHz processor

● VGA, HDMI, 48-bit LVDS, support for dual independent display and DirectX 9

● 1 × DDR3 memory, up to 4GB

● Support Mini PCIe communication module expansion with SIM socket, such as HSDPA, WLAN

● Support up to 3 × Gigabit Ethernet ports, 5 × USB 2.0, 6 × COM

● Supports external CFast slots and 1x2.5” HDD

●? Support 12~24V wide voltage input

●? Supports iManager, SUSIAccess, and Embedded Software APIs

●? Meets IP40 protection class


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