HIFI sound system tuning code

HIFI sound system tuning code

Home Theater Network () How to adjust the HIFI sound system? The most important thing is that tuning technology can't sit and it must be done to understand the subtle changes. Some things seem irrelevant, but they actually sound different. These must be felt after you experiment. We oppose the mysterious tuning myth! I heard that there is a LP tuning master who has a special "sacred power", and has a word in his mouth, and then he works hard on the vocal disc, and then the disc will be particularly nice. Do you believe it? The general situation is this: a tuning master and a group of fans come to a certain audio house. When he puts a prop, or launches a magical power, he will immediately receive unanimous appreciation. The owner on the side may not hear anything, but so many people screamed and how can their ears lose them? Well, the skeptical masters also praised and exaggerated. Some, prove that I will listen more than everyone. The sound circle is always small, and as soon as the words spread, the master becomes more and more "high", and the effort becomes more and more "god".

In fact, tuning is not mysterious, and there are no myths. Many things are the result of trial rules and repeated attempts. At the end of the analysis, some explanations can be found. For example, YBA boss Yves-Bernard AndrN is a famous tuning master. He is not only in the space, but also in the machine. Some people describe him as a magician, but behind the YBA is a solid technology foundation. . YBA has a very cheap CD turntable. He doesn't say that it is a finished product to be transformed. Like other YBA equipment, it has a very elegant and easy sound. I had the opportunity to compare the original machine with the YBA CD, and the result was shocked. The board part was completely untouched. What did he change? After careful research, I found that YBA only changed his special power cord and then the transmission. Some key points that are easy to vibrate are affixed with a few special glues. The result is completely different. This is an admirable change master! Mysterious? Actually, there is no such glue. It is used in high-tech military equipment in France. On the special material, YBA is also a part-time professor at a military academy. He uses good things in the right place. Another time YBA took three pieces of the same cloth to the consultant's home in Liu. One of them wiped the CD and the sound was full and full; after a piece of rubbing, the sound became sharp and rough; the last piece was wiped and returned to its original state. Myth? There is something wrong with it, but the cloth used by YBA is also treated with some special materials, so the sound is good or bad, and it is not clear that the painting will be a gourd, and in the end it will become a myth.

On the other hand, the tuning is not static, so the editor-in-chief of Liu has proposed the "six-position" method. It is recommended to use different horns for different situations. The "Liu's Good Songs" is a general rule that has accumulated many years of experience. It is usually not too far off the mark if the space is handled like this. Liu Renyang’s voice-tuning skills are also a lot of horns that have been replaced in the past 20 years. I have tried many equipments and gained valuable experience after several days of remodeling. There is no such thing as a mystery. There may be a painful price behind each method or every item. For example, the green cloth, Liu consultant spent hundreds of thousands of money to buy cloth for many years, finally found a brand that helps the sound. Another example is the wooden box, which has been used for a large number of small and small trucks, and finally determined the most effective size for dealing with the general space standing wave. At this point, the proposed data is quite valuable. The master leads the door and practices in the individual. Even if we tell you the green cloth brand and the size of the wooden box, you still have to do it yourself.

After such adjustments, is there any guarantee for the sound coming out? In the personal concept, if you can't even listen to the sound of your own home, you are not qualified to stand up and say: I am a tuning master! The savage is exposed, ridiculous and generous. Mr. Liu is probably the world's smallest audio fan using Infinity IRS-V and Genesis I speakers. Every time there is a foreign audio manufacturer coming to Taiwan, this 10-inch listening room is a must-see for military strategists. And there is. According to the reaction of some people I heard from the side, like former Audio Alchemy boss Mark Schifter, Audio Research boss William Johnson, etc., all thumbs up and praised the voice "super". Robert Harley, former technical editor of Stereophile, also went here to receive baptism and went back to rewrite their list of equipment recommendations. As for some designers who have heard such a large-scale sound performance for the first time, they will not talk about it. In short, Liu Renyang's adjusted sound can be included in the world's top enthusiasts. His experience of posing a big speaker in a small room is just a problem encountered by many local audio fans. I hope everyone can benefit from it.

Basic Code for Tuning: Buying Equipment

Hi-End is not equal to Hi-Price, which we have been emphasizing. Using the adjustment skills to make the equipment strength play out, to achieve the ultimate performance within a certain range, this is Hi-End! But with a set of 30,000 yuan equipment to adjust, you may get 300,000 yuan equipment performance, but ultimately with There will still be some distance compared to the performance of the three million yuan equipment after careful remediation. Just like the March car can run 150 kilometers per hour, the Benz car can do it, but the former has done its best, the latter has just begun. This gap is the limit of equipment, can not be forced, so the first rule of voice is: buy the right equipment!

What kind of equipment is "right"? It doesn't have to be expensive, and it doesn't have to be big. For example, BBC LS 3/5A is a long-lasting good speaker, which is very suitable for audio fans who are just getting started. Look at it (media reports, matching of senior players), listen more (listen to live music, listen to different equipment, different space effects) is still a trick to buy audio. Also remember that buying an audio also requires "no haste," and don't want to be cheap, worship famous brands, and even avoid the way to buy a street. Finding a friend to help with matching, looking for a reputable audio store recommendation, is one of the ways, but in the end still have to use their own ears to judge. Buying the right equipment, adjusting it to get twice the result with half the effort; buying the wrong equipment, Da Luo Shenxian is not easy to save.

Basic Rules for Tuning 2: Using Real Instruments as Standards

How do you know if you bought the right equipment? If you listen, you can listen to them, and the sounds they broadcast are not like real instruments. Or we can also be divided into two aspects, the first part is the equipment itself, and the second part is to adjust the cognition. As with fashion, audio has a trend, but it’s not so obvious.

Before the TAS HP pulled the horn forward, most people listened to the audio speakers all by the wall. Of course, I don’t know what the three-dimensional sense of the sound field and the three-dimensional space is. Before the Japanese fry the direct-heating triode, most people have forgotten this old-fashioned thing, so they don't know its special sweet flavor. The current trend in the audio industry is transparency and high resolution. In order to analyze more details, the digital equipment goes in the high direction, the expansion machine pays attention to the speed, and the speaker strengthens the high pitch. After the treble is increased, even if the bass is constant, the auditory balance of the human ear will still feel top-heavy. The most feared is that the treble has more bass and less, but many Hi-End equipments are going in this direction. This kind of sound is very Hi-Fi, but it is not natural enough.

The second part of the adjustment of cognition, more need to use real instruments as a standard. We dare not talk about the live performance of the simulation, because the sound and real music can never be equated, the fans can do it, the violin sounds like a violin, the French sounds like the French. It is easy to say, but it is very difficult to implement. In addition to the pitch, the violin has a lot of overtones, so it needs to be broadcasted with high-frequency equipment to be vivid. Most of the equipment was written in the high-pitched field, and the extension was warm. The warm resonance below was gone, so the volume was loud, the strings immediately turned into steel wires, or the audio images became smaller and completely unreal. The French number needs a very rich medium and low frequency assist to express the sense of form. In fact, all brass instruments need good intermediate frequency support, which can be bright and not harsh, shiny and shiny. To put it simply, we believe that many new devices have a tendency to over-emphasize high-pitched sounds. Adjusting the sound can also be said to be a technique for rectifying high-pitched sounds.

Basic Code of Voices III: Be careful not to see the trees

Then the bass doesn't need to be adjusted? Of course not, the balance of the sound is the main condition for making the sound sound good. I remember that the editor-in-chief of Liu introduced the theory of "bandwidth equation". Some people think that multiplying the upper and lower hearing limits of the human ear: 20x20000=400,000, you get a comfortable balance of the sound field. For example, the bass of a pair of speakers can only reach 40Hz, then the treble to 10KHz is enough; the bass can only go to 80Hz, the treble can even have 5KHz, car audio is a good example. In other words, the higher the range is, the more abundant the low frequency is needed, which sounds pleasing to the ear; if the low range is weak, it is better to make the treble darker and sound more comfortable. Studies of the world's famous good music halls show that their frequency response distributions are quite similar: the ratio from the 65Hz-125Hz band is 1, and the ratio above 125Hz to 5KHz is 1.25. If it is represented by a graph, the low range and the high range are descending, and the vast midrange is smooth. In this case, the frequency response to a straight line of equipment is not necessarily good.

We don't want too many high-pitched sounds, of course, don't have too many basses. The balance point is not only related to personal taste, but also the real instrument. For example, you can't increase the low frequency, let the cello be as big as a tree on the stage, and let the tenor open like a hippo. Excessive low frequency, in addition to the room can not be digested and accommodated, causing standing wave interference, slower speed, murmur of sound, people are not comfortable for a long time. At present, the surround sound system over-emphasizes the heavy bass of about 100Hz. Often, an action movie looks down. The belly and the head of the head are like a few fists. Since the equipment and space constraints, it cannot be extended in the high and low sounds. If you get a breakthrough, then you can make the mid-range smooth and natural, and it will be very good. The BBC LS 3/5A is another good example.

Basic Code of Voices 4: Never change

The way of tuning is a matter of heart. As long as the basic principles are mastered, everyone in the joke will change. We are here to introduce the personal use of Liu Renyang consultants, you can refer to the experiment, you can follow the instructions, but do not think that only one way will work, otherwise it will fall into the dead end. Your space is not as big as him? The equipment you use is different. So you can't use Mr. Liu to absorb the low frequency with ten boxes. You also use ten, and many things must be changed according to the actual situation. In addition to the experience taught by Liu consultants, you can also absorb the strengths of others, as long as the direction of tuning is correct, even if you create a martial art. Bold assumptions, careful verification, is the adventure courage to pursue a good voice.

Basic Code of Voices 5: It is best to recover

Whether it is props, placement, or even decoration, it is best to re-adjust the sound. Take the swaying cone as an example. If you want to place it, the tip is up or down, and the material is not necessarily used. If you stick the corner cone at the beginning, you have no fun. The decoration of the room is more difficult to recover, so we do not recommend rushing construction. In general, it is difficult for the home to have the opportunity to cover and dismantle. If you want to decorate a dedicated audio room, it is best to consult some experts. In the process of tuning, the part of the machine will also be involved. Similarly, it is best to be non-destructive. If the sound is not satisfactory after the modification, there is still a chance to return to the original state. Unless there is full grasp, or ready to be a martyr, otherwise the adjustment is good, change the machine or not, it is best to move only a small part at a time, to determine the positive effect and then continue.

Basic Code 6 of Tuning: Not at the last minute, not to change equipment

Unless the equipment purchased is bad and the body is too bad, you can use the sound to make their sound progress. There is really nothing to play with, or there is already an upgrade budget, and my listening training has come to an end. Then I will consider changing the machine. The most feared by the audio fans is to hear the good results in other people's homes, but they don't know how to reflect: Is it that he is smart, the space is wonderful, or is it very special? If you only think that the equipment is expensive, the sound is good, so Plus the code to follow up, and finally only make the audio store owner happy. Here again, the sound effect is not absolutely proportional to the price. In fact, some low-priced equipment often has better musicality. Young people are under-budgeted and can find targets from the secondary market. At the same cost, the income will be considerable. It is not necessarily that the latest product launches have improved. Audio is different from Video. Video is definitely a new quality that will surpass the old technology, while Audio players often hold old machines. WeChat: cnhifi.

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