Internet + TV, five key stages can not be ignored

"Internet +" and "+Internet" are fashionable vocabularies nowadays. "Internet + TV" has always been associated with exploration and practice. The recent hot discussion of T2O is one example. In fact, whether it is the "Internet + TV" in the form of T2O or other forms of "Internet + TV", the essence is that "the user has to get the world".

In the era of "all media," television media have only taken advantage of Internet thinking to follow the trend and change with each passing day. They have converted the traditional concept of "making for broadcast" into a new concept of "making for the market". Emerging model and business model. Focusing on users, satisfying user needs, respecting user experience, and recreating TV product flow, can we achieve mode transformation, turn around gorgeously, and successfully expand the dissemination of blue oceans.

Whether it is the "Internet + TV" in the form of T2O or other forms of "Internet + TV", the following five stages cannot be ignored:

1. The first stage: The development of TV new products based on big data analysis to convert the audience to users

Traditional television habits refer audiences to audiences, while Internet thinking refers to audiences as users. Although the difference is only one word, the concept is very different:

The audience represents a pure receiver of one-way communication. The communicator takes the initiative, the media involvement is low, and the media use is poor.

The concept of “user” is based on the user, and the user experience is the starting point and detection point for the production of new television products, with high media involvement and strong media use.

Nowadays, what traditional television media have to do is to convert audiences to users, so that unclear people can become clear-cut resources. The era of big data provides the greatest possible and convenient for this transformation.

The earliest concept of "big data era" was McKinsey, a world-renowned consulting company. McKinsey pointed out in the research report: "Analysis of big data will become the basis of competition and support new productivity growth." Accurately grasp the laws of the market, inseparable from the support of professional data. In the era of big data, closed doors are very scary.

At present, many television stations in China have used Nielsen for collection and analysis of viewing data based on the data received by Sofori. Compared with only a few hundred samples of the survey, the sample of Nielsen reached 10,000 at a time. There are detailed analysis of the data, what is the problem behind? What is the viewer's viewing habits? Do you need to adjust the layout? Wait. The data will play a great benefit.

Now, media has already begun to actively use big data analytics to push content that users need. According to the user's information needs in a specific situation, different content is pushed at different times and in different locations. This kind of television product that can provide effective services to the audience is a direction for future development. In this regard, the practice of some television stations abroad can provide a broader perspective.

Such as the British BBC's "I'm a shopaholic," is a shopaholic transformation program; the United States NBC's "Super Weight Loss", so that people who need to lose weight successfully.

These programs precisely grasp the needs of the crowd and have clear goals. The deputy editor-in-chief of People’s Daily, Ma Li, predicted: “The large-scale customization of individual information will become possible. The media will become more intelligent and better satisfy the needs of people for personalization and contextualization, and become the “Aladdin God” for people to obtain specific information. light'".

2. The second phase: rapid information collection, processing, and full media dissemination

To understand the needs of users, it is necessary to meet this demand at the fastest speed. This is the most direct embodiment of the concept of “customer first”.

Speed, which is the timeliness of news terms, has always been a decisive measure of the value of news. In the all-media era, people's demand for timeliness and freshness of news products has become more demanding.

The traditional TV production production model requires a series of procedures and the freshness is greatly reduced. However, live broadcasting can achieve zero-distance conversations in space and time, and it is considered to be the broadcast format with the highest degree of preservation.

There are countless examples in this area. For example, in 2013, a particularly heavy rain caused by typhoon "Pfite" struck Ningbo. The city became a city of water and the city’s roads were disrupted. Hundreds of thousands of residents were injured. Ningbo TV News Comprehensive Channel immediately activated the live emergency plan, opened different time periods, and conducted large-scale, long-term and panoramic live reports throughout the day. Called more than 10 kinds of technical means, such as satellite live-view vehicles, omnidirectional microblogging live-view vehicles, urban traffic monitoring probes, optical cables, telephones, networks, and mobile phones, and comprehensively used reporter satellite links, optical cable connections, microwave connections, and telephone connections. In the form of reports, live reports, Weibo WeChat, and audience interactions, the multi-faceted, main-body demonstrations against flood and disaster relief have achieved zero distances in the space, time, space, and on site. The ratings on the day reached 9.1, creating the peak of ratings in recent years.

In addition to special events, live broadcasts should also be the norm in everyday programming. With the development of high technology, live broadcasting equipment has become more compact and diversified, creating conditions for the high-frequency and normalization of live broadcasting. It is worth mentioning that at present, mobile 4G broadcast has been normalized.

3. The third stage: In-depth processing of TV products from multiple different perspectives - exclusive perspective, fresh perspective

In the era of big data, it has been difficult for television media to report and exclusively report on a news event. In a sense, the media has transformed from traditional information collectors to data editors. What should you do when you no longer have exclusive news resources?

The answer is a fresh perspective, a cluster of news and an exclusive view of news. The famous critic Cao Jingxing believes that "as a medium, the greatest competition is the dispute over the interpretation of power."

In the era of excess information, what is missing is thought. The current TV viewers are not satisfied with the simple "What happened here". What they want to know is "What does this mean for me" and "What should I do?" The comments of experts, scholars, and hosts can expand the connotation and extension of news and meet the viewing needs of the audience. This happens to be the strength of TV's traditional media.

In addition to the exclusive point of view, the fresh perspective also includes a unique shooting angle.

After all, television is the art of the picture. From the point of view of ordinary people's perspective, there will always be special magic that will attract the audience's attention to the screen. In recent years, small-scale aerial photography technology has become increasingly mature. Using helicopter aerial photography to provide a height and perspective that is difficult for ordinary people to see is particularly suitable. At present, it has been applied to some TV stations in China, and even pilot trials of drones have taken place.

Stage 4: Market promotion with the brand effect of the entire platform

The limitation of traditional media lies in the limited volume. For example, the limited layout of newspapers in each issue, and the limited broadcast time of each program on radio and television have led to a limited amount of information. So, how to maximize the effect of communication? Citing the words of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "600 million netizens are the key." Therefore, it is necessary to ask the audience for the mobile phone users, to ask the audience for the network, and to integrate the media with the audience. Around a news event, multiple screens can be published and disseminated. Mobile phones, computers, televisions, movie theaters, and even metro television, high-speed rail televisions, waiting rooms, and building televisions can watch programs at the same time.

In this regard, for example, the British BBC proposed a new media strategy plan for "creative future" as early as 2006. Through the reengineering of production processes, the traditional radio and television production and broadcasting model was innovated, and links to media resources of different platforms were realized. Under the unified BBC brand, ten full-media products, including news, sports, weather, online broadcasting, online television, and search, were formed to achieve the release of four terminals for television, radio, network, and mobile phones.

For another example, Phoenix Satellite TV has basically realized the organic integration of television and new media through the digital transformation of television program production systems.

In 2010, Phoenix New Media took the lead in launching iPhone and iPad client terminals. Jiangsu Satellite TV has put its own ace variety show "If You Are the One" into an online version and placed it on the Internet first.

For more urban stations seeking survival in the cracks between CCTV, provincial satellite TV and new media, multi-platform broadcast channels can be used to break through geographical, star, landing, screen, etc. limitations and find unique for themselves. The development of space.

It can be foreseen that the future of television must be a multi-screen, multi-channel simultaneous transmission, multimedia presentation. Only for the multi-screen viewing habits that the user has formed, and for the audiovisual characteristics of different receiving terminals, the program content of different lengths, different forms, and different styles may be produced, or the formed programs may be edited and processed twice in order to meet the audiences of different platforms. Watching habits.

5th, fifth stage: Build brand with “hai” fans

Liu Changle, president of Phoenix Satellite TV, once said, “In the age of massive information, anyone who has mastered the scarce resources of users will have the initiative.” With the help of platforms such as Weibo, WeChat and APP, TV media can broaden the channels of communication. But to make more users become loyal fans of the show, it is also necessary to enhance the user's sense of experience, emphasizing seeability, service, and interaction to create a good reputation.

While attention has become a scarce resource, some TV shows have gained new life in embracing new media. They successfully pulled many young viewers into their own fan base and become loyal users. Voices from China, “I Am a Singer,” and “Where is Daddy?” are proof. Even the traditional CCTV Spring Festival Evening could not sit still. In the spring of the year of the sheep, WeChat made red envelopes a big killer for fans, fans, and fans.

Where are the TV people, where are the positions.

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