Some important points about smart hardware startups

As we have seen, the biggest entrepreneurial hotspot in 2014, intelligent hardware deserved, hundreds of thousands of smart bracelets, endless stream of smart home products, not to mention smart locks, chopsticks, routers, smart beds, balance cars, aerial photography , smart headphones, air purifiers and smart glasses, etc., and life seems to be all intelligent, but after these embarrassing, we also seem to find that these forces are driving the development of the entire market, more and more people are paying attention To experience and use smart hardware, let's take a look at the analysis now.

Platform battle, BAT card layout, ripening the entire market

Compared with the development of hardware, building a platform is a more important layout of BAT. Let's talk about Baidu. It introduces smart chopsticks as a ticket. It launches BaiduInside cooperation plan, and has opened up data and services to become the central brain of intelligent hardware. This is the right way. It is rumored that Baidu will also launch a smart hardware sales platform.

Although Alibaba has not launched several smart hardware products, most of them cooperate with manufacturers. The platform strategy behind it is obvious. On the one hand, it hopes to use its own Alibaba Cloud platform to provide various cloud services, and at the same time, it can be integrated. Alibaba's e-commerce resources help smart hardware solve sales problems, thus realizing its own big platform strategy and seizing new entrances. From the point of view, Ali's fancy is not only intelligent hardware, but the Internet of Things. Its actions to launch the alink IoT platform follow this line of thinking.

Tencent has always maintained different attempts in the field of intelligent hardware. Tencent established two social platforms connecting QQ and WeChat on the "people and people" network last year, and launched "QQ IoT" and "WeChat hardware" two platforms, all hardware can be connected to Tencent's data center, generating interesting Applications. The recently launched "TOS+" open platform is said to be connected to all intelligent hardware.

It is worth mentioning that none of the three companies have cut into the supply chain for intelligent hardware developers.

Intelligent hardware

Entrepreneurship must seize these four pain points

If BAT is concerned with the platform and provides cloud services and online channel capabilities, then grassroots entrepreneurs focus on product development and user operations. If you want to start a business, here are some good things to remember:

1, read the real needs of users

What is intelligence? It’s not a matter of moving the smartphone experience. It’s not an app that can be connected to the device through various wireless means.

Even though the performance of today's smartphones is getting more and more top-notch, but the change is just faster, while dealing with multi-tasking capabilities or large-scale games that make users feel more exciting, Jobs brings capacitive touch screens to the market. The application of various sensing technologies has made us really feel the "smart" changes in mobile phone products. Looking at the smart home products on the market now, it seems that manufacturers are thinking too simple in this field. Real intelligence needs to be built on the premise of satisfying the needs of users. Instead of blindly adding some exaggerated functions, reading the needs of users is the foundation of the intelligent hardware industry.

2. Improve the interactive experience of hardware

The interaction of intelligent hardware is a new classroom. Unlike the previous interaction design of simple APP, intelligent hardware is more integrated into the product experience, the Internet of Things experience, and even the social experience. At present, most of the products on the market focus on the UI level, lacking insight into deeper experiences.

Whether it's a smart TV, a smart watch or a smart-smart smart eyeglass, these things are all replicas of another form of smartphone. With the processor and system installed, it turns into a smart home product, but these hardware stacks. After that, our ultimate goal is to provide users with an acceptable interface interaction design.

3, just simple control, not intelligence, let alone wisdom

In addition to a variety of convenient control functions, intelligent hardware currently needs to have the ability of learning, analysis, feedback, etc., according to user habits, hobbies, residential space and natural environment changes, to achieve the corresponding intelligent control, regulation and management functions . For example, NEST's thermostat can learn and memorize user habits and automatically adjust to a suitable temperature. The air quality detector of the IOT can measure the temperature and humidity in the environment and the specific gas concentration, such as carbon dioxide, PM2.5, etc. Linked with doors and windows, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc. to improve indoor air quality.

4, rushed on the line, will definitely die

At present, some of the hardware products we see, especially those that participate in crowdfunding, whether it is environmental control or personal health, are not functionally unstable in actual functions, or are too dependent on a certain problematic technology, then the entire product It is not mature. For example, some products that rely on Wi-Fi, once Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not working, the whole product will hang up. A smart lock that relies on Bluetooth will not enter the house when there is no signal on your mobile phone. Let's get up.

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