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With the rapid development of the LED industry, the upstream chip and component packaging will enter mass production, and its products will be gradually standardized according to the characteristics of downstream application products. The module technology will gradually become standardized, and the integration and development of the mid-stream and downstream industries will accelerate. The upgrade will be gradually optimized.

Just as the PC industry is developing industry standards and developing related applications with modular and standardized concepts, the LED lighting application market will continue to develop towards common and interchangeable standards. LED lighting fixtures can also be upgraded or upgraded through standardized interfaces. The replacement application mechanism, instead of the design type of the current luminaire, can only choose to discard the entire light source device when the drive circuit or the light source fails, and it is difficult to achieve effective replacement and universality.

Although in the LED industry, standard optical components are recognized as the "speaker" of standardization and standardization, customers are still worried about product safety issues such as low lumens, blasting lights, power stability unmatched by traditional power supplies, and reluctance to try new products. In order to eliminate the customer's doubts, Jingke Electronics has a complete layout, and all aspects of the control design have to undergo a lot of testing and experimentation. At the same time, Jinko Electronics has added a number of safety weights to optical components. On the one hand, it has commissioned the world's leading certification companies to do CE series certification, and on the other hand, it has entrusted Pacific Insurance to cover products. Under the multiple guarantees, the optical component products launched by Jingke Electronics have also been fully recognized by the market.

Up to now, Jingke Electronics has taken the lead in proposing a detailed specification of 10 standard optical component levels, and has labeled and sold the standard optical component products corresponding to the first level, namely the SMD3014 certified by LM80 and the high-power ceramic products without gold wire package. 3535. According to the person in charge of Jingke Electronics, the market for the standard optical components corresponding to the first level is very good. Since this year, orders have steadily increased. The low-power 3014 monthly production and sales volume is 400KK, and the high-power ceramic products 3535 monthly production and sales volume is 3KK.

In the era of full popularity of LED lighting, LED standard optical components achieve the compatibility of LED lighting products with its scientific and normative, and play the assembly number of LED products. Standard optical components are an inevitable trend in the development of the LED lighting industry, and are more in line with market demand. At the crossroads of development, Jingke Electronics has selected standard optical components, and persists in the wind and rain. This insistence will surely capture the LED market. The increase in share of the competition weight will also lead to a new green in the LED sector.

At the same time, Jingke Electronics will launch the latest optical components at the 2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Booth No. 10.2, Hall A01) on June 9-12, so that everyone can further understand our products. More boutiques, stay tuned! (This article is the electronic submission of Jingke)

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