Taiwan LED factory in January, the output of the crystal power and other 6 plants with the increase

Jingdian's revenue in January was 2.416 billion yuan (NTT, the same below, equivalent to about 478 million yuan)

Jingdian announced its revenue in January (9), reaching 2.416 billion yuan, a 19.13% increase and an annual increase of 27.96%. It also recorded a new high in January. Zhang Shixian, a spokesperson for Jingdian, pointed out that in January, thanks to the LED lighting and the sudden emergence of backlights, and the advance delivery of goods by the mainland customers before the holiday, the January revenues were re-invested in the growth track, and because the demand for high-end products was not bad, Some of the machines are already fully loaded, and the lunar production line of the front section of the crystal power will be overtime in the Chinese New Year.

Zhang Shixian said that the full process of LED is about 20 days. The wafers produced by the epitaxial production line in February are mainly to meet the demand for the peak season started in March. The epitaxial production line of the Taiwan factory will be closed, and the mainland production line will return to production after the year. In February, under the over-production of the epitaxial production line, the rate of production was not bad. The average rate of production in March was expected to rise to over 70%, and it began to enter the peak season.

The legal person pointed out that the number of working days in February decreased, and as the working days in March returned to normal, the performance of crystal power revenue will jump first. After the merger of Jingdian and Yuanyuan, it is estimated that the consolidation will be completed before the end of the first quarter of this year, and TSMC solid-state lighting will also complete the transaction of crystal power shares before March. Xinjing Electric will grow stronger in 2015.

Yiguang's consolidated revenue in January reached 2.54 billion yuan (equivalent to about 503 million yuan)

Yiguang announced its January revenue, showing only a small recession, and the traditional peak season will start in March this year, inspiring Yiguang's share price to continue to record a new high.

In January, the company's consolidated revenue reached 2.54 billion yuan, down 3.24% month-on-month, and the annual growth rate reached 20.51%. Due to the slight decline, the legal person is optimistic that the first quarter revenue reduction can be controlled at around 5-10%.

Ronda’s January revenue was 1.27 billion yuan (equivalent to approximately RMB 251 million)

Ronda Electronics' revenue in January was 1.27 billion yuan, up 13% from December 2014. According to Ronda Electronics, due to the simultaneous warming of backlights and lighting, the January revenue gradually increased from the bottom of the fourth quarter of last year. The new models for backlighting applications have begun to be available to Chinese and Japanese brand customers. The OD 15's ultra-thin direct-lit TV and low-light eye-protection models have been shipped smoothly, and mobile and tablet applications are gradually improving.

In the lighting segment, the regional channel customers of the business layout last year will start to ferment this year, while the lamps, panel lights and bulbs are still the main shipping products, and will continue to improve production efficiency and maintain cost competitiveness.

Dongbei Dongbei's consolidated revenue in January was 850 million yuan (equivalent to about 168 million yuan)

Dongbei's combined revenue in January was 850 million yuan, a 28% increase from December last year. It was a 52% increase from the same month last year. In spite of Cree's commercial interference lawsuit, Dongbei said that because customers fully support the company, And the company will face the battle, have the confidence to win this battle, the company's European and American customers order demand has reached the second quarter, the legal person estimates, Dongbei will have more than double-digit growth this year.

Edison's January revenue of 332 million yuan (equivalent to about 65.7 million yuan)

The market situation of the LED industry has gradually increased. Edison's combined revenue in January reached 332 million yuan, a 61% increase, an annual increase of 45%, and a record high in a single month over the past few years.

Lite-On announced in January revenue increased 3 percent in LED performance <br> <br> power supply, LED, 1 January this year camera module maker Lite-On Technology global consolidated revenue of 18.975 billion yuan parent company (equivalent to about 3.775 billion yuan, a decrease of 7% per month and an annual increase of 7%, mainly due to the traditional off-season, but the core business is still growing steadily driven by the demand of the terminal market.

Among them, the photoelectric sector's revenue in January reached 27%, a 4% increase over the same period last year. Mainly due to the smooth shipment of LED street lamps in North America and Asia, as well as the market demand for automotive lighting, consumer electronics and mobile devices, the overall LED components and lighting products also increased by 30% in January.

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