Qinghai-Tibet Network Project Qinghai Section Line and Equipment Test Work Started

Qinghai News Network hearing Qinghai-Tibet network project 750 kV power transmission line Qinghai section of the line and equipment testing has recently started fully, the test will be completed on September 5.

The 750kv sun-yue-shan to Qaidam exchange project is an important part of the Qinghai-Tibet AC-DC interconnection project. This project is a prerequisite and guarantee for achieving the goal of ± 400 kV DC project operation within the year. The total length of the project is 1397.974 kilometers. The construction of 3003 bases accounts for 70% of the total line construction of the Qinghai-Tibet network project. According to the relevant regulations of the State Grid Corporation of China, the test work specifically formulated the "750 kV HVAC I and II loop circuit parameter test program", requiring the test team to strictly follow the test program outline project to the 750kV transmission from Sun Moon Mountain to Qaidam. Substations I and II circuits and equipment are fully tested. At the same time, testers are required to strictly abide by the work procedures and prevent violations from occurring. In addition to checking the insulation status of the line and checking the phase, the test work also includes measuring the values ​​of various power frequency parameters as the actual basis for calculating the system short-circuit current, relay protection setting, and selecting a reasonable operation mode.

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