Comparative Analysis of Multi-technology Application of Intelligent Terminal Biometrics

Biometrics is a highly technical barrier that requires long-term R&D investment and accumulation. Although China's biometrics technology industry is in the early stage of growth, once the technology is effectively grafted by the downstream application market, its explosiveness and space potential are huge.

Increased safety requirements bring accelerated adoption of biometrics

Safety needs are the core drivers of the development of the biometrics market.

(1) Hierarchical level of personal security: The outbreak of biometrics application in the smart terminal market. According to the industry chain research situation, after the fingerprint identification technology is applied on the iPhone5S for the first time, the Samsung Note4 mobile phone released in September will be equipped with iris scanning recognition function to improve the security of mobile phones, and other technology manufacturers are following up.

(2) Level of public security needs: The government-led large and medium-sized application systems will accelerate. With the development of the global economy and the progress of urbanization, all countries are increasing their investment in public safety supervision such as terrorism. The major global governments represented by the United States, the European Union, and India have successively implemented large-scale biometric-related systems. Engineering to promote the accelerated popularization of biometrics in the field of public safety.


Comparative analysis of biometric technology applications

The biometric features commonly used in biometric recognition techniques are based on physiological features such as faces, fingerprints, irises, and behavioral features such as handwriting, sound, and the like. The following is a comparison of the application of these common biometric technologies.

Fingerprint recognition technology

Notebook fingerprint recognition is convenient

We seem to be increasingly interested in buying computers with fingerprint recognition. Because of fingerprint recognition, it is cool and convenient. Just a light brush to turn on the computer. The rise of the notebook fingerprint recognition function comes from the fact that the computer password lock screen may be deciphered, and the fingerprint recognition technology is more secure.

Attendance machine fingerprint identification sensitive

The fingerprint attendance machine is used to record the employee's commute time. It is based on the fingerprint identification technology. The employee's fingerprint is registered in the fingerprint attendance machine in advance, and one person can register multiple fingerprints. When the employee presses the fingerprint, the fingerprint attendance machine searches for the fingerprint with the similarity to a certain standard in the registered fingerprint database for verification. The biggest advantage of the fingerprint attendance machine relative to the induction card attendance machine is that it can avoid punching cards and no need to buy cards. After years of development, fingerprint recognition technology has been relatively stable, and the use of more and more. Probak fingerprint attendance machine, novel style, simple and generous; using the industry's leading fingerprint recognition algorithm, 0.8 seconds to achieve recognition, stable performance, powerful.

Access control fingerprint recognition is widely used

Access control management is an important part of the modern security system. With the improvement of the security, advancement and stability requirements of the access control system in China, there is an urgent need for a high-performance access control system. Identification (fingerprint, palm shape, iris, etc.) and systems represented by RF card systems. Fingerprint access control recognition is another new representative of biometric identification. In addition to fingerprint recognition for warehouse doors, fingerprint recognition technology can also be used for access control systems in apartments and office buildings. For the hotel, the fingerprint information is recorded for the guest, the investment and use of the door card is reduced, and the development cost is reduced. There is no need to worry about indoor safety during the housing period.

Fingerprint door locks are only for security

In daily life, the traditional door locks use mechanical keys to open the door, but the mechanical keys often forget to bring, or are lost, even copied by ill-intentional criminals, so the key has to be changed. The fingerprint lock is the most technologically advanced lock relative to the mechanical lock, induction lock and password lock. The Probak A308 high-end fingerprint lock combines the four technologies of “fingerprint, password, magnetic card and mechanical key”. Therefore, the fingerprint The anti-theft lock is safer and can be applied to standard security doors, wooden doors, iron doors and Tongmen. This type of lock can automatically or semi-automatically connect the security door with the heaven and earth lock system without affecting the performance of the original security door.

Iris recognition

Mine iris recognition management is safer and more reliable

The safety solution of the mine iris recognition system integrates personnel positioning, attendance management and safety management. Miners, security inspectors and inspectors need to pass the iris attendance machine to record the attendance, accurately record the time of the well and the time of the well, and upload the data to the background iris server and the positioning server through the computer to confirm the identity of the personnel and timely Record the distribution of personnel, which is convenient for managers to control the total number and distribution of underground personnel and conduct more reasonable dispatch management. Once an accident occurs in the underground, rescue workers can also carry out efficient and quick rescue work according to the data provided by the computer, timely understand the number and distribution of underground personnel, and take corresponding rescue measures.

In addition, the management personnel's computer is also authorized and managed by the iris recognition instrument to effectively prevent internal violations and other operations, to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data, as well as preventive, in-process and post-tracking. Improve the safety production and safety management level of coal mines.

Iris access control has broad prospects

Iris recognition security system (taking EGI as an example), using voice guidance, auto focus, screening search, etc., easy to use and flexible. It is suitable for all kinds of iris colors of any ethnic group and can be used at night. It can be used for sub-level security management of confidential passages, confidential areas, operational authorization of confidential equipment, staff attendance and handover records, and can also be used for access control, identity verification and special personnel monitoring and management of external personnel. It has broad application prospects in building automation, government confidential departments, bank securities, aviation labor, shopping settlement, and bills.

Face recognition technology application

Face recognition technology is divided into two categories: military/police face recognition technology based on anti-terrorism security, investigation and evidence collection, criminal investigation, and commercial face recognition technology based on company management and commercial secrecy. The first type of application is more complex and the requirements of the most face recognition technology are very high. The second category focuses on areas such as corporate management and business secrecy. Relatively speaking, the difficulty of technology is much lower. In the process of identification, the computer uses the relevant software to perform face image acquisition, face localization, face recognition preprocessing, identity confirmation, and identity search on the images in the video to identify the people in the image.

This technology mainly uses the computer image processing technology and the principle of biostatistics. The computer image processing technology is used to extract the portrait feature points from the video. The mathematical model is used to analyze and establish the mathematical model, that is, the face feature template. Using the established face feature template and the face image of the person being tested, the feature analysis is performed, and a similar value is given according to the analysis result. Use this value to determine if it is the same person. This technology has been widely used in many fields such as security inspection, criminal investigation, anti-terrorism, and company confidential management.

Summary: From the application point of view, biometric identification technology, fingerprint identification application is the widest range, its technology is also relatively mature, iris recognition has special application value but its technical requirements are still to be developed, face recognition technology in Reliability, accuracy and data are currently the most promising ones.

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