Decentralized programmable control system for building automation

In recent years, with the development of society and economy, the market for building automation systems that bring people a comfortable working and living environment is growing, and the building automation system itself is becoming increasingly intelligent, networked and complicated. However, most domestic manufacturers in this field are system integrators, and core technologies and intellectual property rights are mostly owned by a small number of building automation companies. In order to meet the market demand for product performance and price, Zhejiang Zheda Zhongkong Information Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the rich experience of overall design, system integration and engineering implementation, relying on Zhongguan Group's strong automation technology and information technology accumulation. Independently developed the SUPCON OptiSYS PCS400 distributed programmable control system for building automation systems using LonWorks fieldbus technology .

I. Overview of BAS and LonWorks Fieldbus

The Building Automation System (BAS) is actually a central monitoring system. It centrally monitors various power equipment, air-conditioning equipment, cold and heat source equipment, fire prevention, anti-theft equipment, etc. in buildings (or buildings) to ensure the comfort of the building environment, fully consider energy conservation and environmental protection. Under the conditions, the state of the various equipment in the building and the utilization rate are optimized.

LonWorks (Local Operating Networks) fieldbus is a local operating network launched by Echelon Corporation of the United States. It is widely used in aerospace/aerospace, measurement and control, energy management, process control, wireless communications, building control and other fields. The LonWorks platform is an open distributed control system that supports gateway-free peer-to-peer and/or master-slave communication between devices. Compared with the previous and current fieldbus technologies, the LonWorks bus has the following outstanding features:

1. Complete and reasonable network control technology. The object-oriented LonTalk network protocol is based on the complete ISO/OSI seven-layer protocol and can be used in the physical layer such as twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber optic, radio waves, power lines, and infrared light waves. Differently, it has a data transmission rate from 300b/s to 1.25Mb/s, which satisfies the demand for communication speed in different application fields. In addition, the number of valid bytes per frame of communication can vary from 0 to 228 bytes, and the number of nodes on a LonWorks network can reach 32,000, which can fully meet the requirements of different building control networks.

Echelon's wide range of intelligent transceivers provide a typical topology system and any free topology, eliminating the need for a server's peer-to-peer distribution network, enabling true point-to-point communication and providing extreme installation and application for building control networks. Great convenience. And all the network devices can be accessed with the usual installation test tools.

It is this feature of LonWorks that LonWorks technology is superior to traditional BA networking topology and configuration wiring when its application is very distributed in the distribution of electromechanical devices.

2. The openness of the bus and the operability between devices. The standardized implementation of the LonTalk protocol and industry-standard objects make interoperability of different vendor systems possible. The support of many vendors, especially industry-leading vendors, ensures solutions from different vendors and markets.

3. Reduce the cost of development and use of building automation systems. Integrated circuits with embedded LonTalk protocol and physical layer transceivers reduce development time, development time and cost; simplify development, installation and test tools with a single protocol; low-cost twisted pair freedom Topology; low-cost components can be used; price competition resulting from interoperability gives users a lower cost offer.

4. The carrier of LonWorks technology core is the Neuron Chip, which together with the communication transceiver (such as FT-X1) becomes a high-efficiency and low-cost transceiver reference. The usual neuron chip uses an 8-bit bus with a maximum frequency of 10MHz. When complex measurement and control functions need to be completed, the MCU or PC can also be used as a host to process the measurement and control, so that the neuron chip only needs to complete the bus communication function.

With the open and standards-based LonWorks platform, manufacturers, inheritors and users can get more benefits. Therefore, despite the limitations of various conditions, LonWorks technology can not fully play its advantages, but it does give building automation. The development and configuration of the system provides a good choice. Currently, LonWorks has evolved into a leading fieldbus for use in building automation systems. Moreover, the Intelligent Building Promotion Center of the Ministry of Construction of China has also promoted the application of LonWorks technology as the recommended control network technology in intelligent buildings.

Second, SUPCON OptiSYS PCS400 series distributed programmable control system overview

Founded in 1999, Zhejiang Zheda Zhongkong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Zhongkong Technology Group. It is dedicated to information technology in intelligent buildings, intelligent transportation, water engineering, campus network, etc. It is a development, design and engineering technology service. As one of the high-tech enterprises. Relying on the multi-disciplinary advantages of Zhejiang University, over the years, with the support of the National Engineering Research Center of Industrial Automation, the pace of information technology industrialization has been accelerated. The series of products based on SUPCON has established a leading position in the domestic automation industry. .

SUPCON OptiSYS PCS400 series distributed programmable control system independently developed by Zhongkong Information mainly includes PCS400 series programmable controller based on LONWORKS bus, AdvBMS monitoring system software and AdvOPC series OPC data integration server software. It is aimed at public engineering automation projects with distributed data acquisition and control. It can realize logic control, sequence control, process control, data acquisition and other control tasks. It can be widely used in intelligent buildings, intelligent transportation, water supply and drainage, hydrology and water conservancy. Environmental protection, industrial automation, agricultural automation and other fields. SUPCON is the main brand, OptiSYS is the synthesis of Optimization and System, indicating the optimal system, PCS is the abbreviation of Programmable Control System.

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