How to go out in the lighting store?

How to go out in the lighting store?

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of lighting lighting market demand, lighting stores have mushroomed throughout the country. It is not difficult to see that traditional stores tend to be saturated and emerging stores are emerging. At the same time, they are constantly developing new developments in the competition. Many lighting stores have been eliminated in the competition. One fact that has already been seen by all parties in the industry is that when the lighting industry is escalated by competition and channels, the re-shuffling of lighting fixtures is inevitable. In response to how the store breaks through the current predicament, people in the industry have issued a variety of voices.

The requirements of the times: It is well-known that leveraging the Internet channels, “E-commerce is the major trend of the industry's future development”. This is an accepted and accepted statement in the lighting lighting industry. Liu Jun, deputy general manager of the Guangzhou Aladin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., said: “The market’s survival of the fittest is very normal, and there are competitions to make progress. I think the current problem of lighting stores is caused by the transformation of the entire economy. The proportion of business people shopping for terminal consumers is increasing, and the lighting market and businesses should actively embrace this change, and they cannot blindly reject it, but they can't blindly believe that e-commerce is more likely to stand on the Internet to display or sell products. Let users understand online and pay later after the offline experience. In short, the market is changing, users' consumption patterns and needs are changing, and all breakthroughs need to be realized on the basis of adapting to new changes."

Wei Wenjun, vice president of Weizan International Chain, once said in the interview: “In the age of the Internet, e-commerce channels have already penetrated into the marketing and promotion of all walks of life, so whether it is the lighting lighting industry or other industries, with the trend The development of the industry, both online and offline, is an inevitable trend of market development. In my opinion, the key is to do things early or late. If you do it early, you will get business opportunities early. If you are late, it means following the trend.”

In fact, many lighting stores that are newly built or are still under construction have begun to rush to e-commerce. Some lighting stores have both a physical business platform and a virtual business platform, that is, they have developed from offline to online, such as Guangbohui and LED Kyushu. city. At the same time, many store managers have said that the impact of e-commerce channel development on the store is not great, on the contrary, stores can also use the power of e-commerce and settled in the market to seek common development.

Constraints: Seeking to regulate the management of the system Compared with the department stores, furniture, household appliances, home and other industries, the lighting industry is relatively young, and there are still major shortcomings in the management model, high-end talent reserves and so on. With the intensification of competition in recent years, the brand awareness of store operators has gradually become clear, and they are constantly seeking management breakthroughs.

According to the person in charge of the Lihe Lighting Center, “The Liwa Lighting Center, which is being openly sold to the world, will implement unified operation management, including a unified plan for rental and sales: setting customer access standards and attracting high-quality brand lighting companies and distributors at home and abroad. The developer owns and operates 600,000 square feet of commercial facilities, and shares prosperity with merchants; unified publicity and promotion: integration of major industries, mass media, and various resources for all-round three-dimensional brand promotion and display of strength, and regularly holds large-scale lighting procurement festivals. Tourism lighting festivals and other theme lighting activities, attracting major dealers, wholesalers, and engineering firms to enter the market to purchase, enhance public consumption, and expand the retail end market; unified business services: establish and improve the merchants' online sales channels, establish and provide industries All-round communication and supporting services to increase market share; unified property management: professional and mature operating team of developers to ensure the continued value-added of the property and truly achieve the ultimate goal of 'benefit-sharing and win-win cooperation'.

Rong Gonghua, deputy general manager of Chongqing Oriental Lighting Plaza, also stated that they often promoted a more standardized and orderly development of the stores through training, assistance from manufacturers, and visits to peers.

Positioning Differences: Eliminating Homogeneous Competition In the past, lighting stores were mostly dominated by all-inclusive integrated stores. In the past two years, Guangbohui, Jiuzhou City, Streetlight City, Shangzhao City, etc. were innovative for a certain category of products. There are more and more professional stores, and some stores with unique selling points, supporting services, professional awareness and differentiated competitiveness will win favor.

More and more lighting stores began to think about how to get rid of homogenous competition and come up with a road that is not the same as a comprehensive store. In the field of LED, Starlight Alliance Lighting Plaza, which is the highest intensive brand of ancient towns, has positioned itself as the “Global Top Lighting Brand Center & International LED Lighting Lighting Experience Pavilion”. Among them, there are three exhibition halls: the top international lighting brand hall, the international LED light effect experience hall, and the Chinese high-end lighting brand hall. In addition, the Reiz company has also built a LED procurement center in Guzhen, which can play a catalytic role in the development of Guzhen lighting industry.

Guo Xiu, Managing Director of Guangbo Hui, said in an interview with the media that what sets uniqueness in the industry is ultimately to seek differentiation. Differentiated competition is not merely market segmentation according to the function of the product, with competition. Increasingly, services, marketing, culture, and even preferential policies will be the main content of differentiated competition in the store.

The evolution of the model: the development of chain complexes or development trends In recent years, the sales volume of the brand lighting market has become increasingly large, such as the Starlight Alliance, Lihe Plaza, and Lampwang Plaza, with their “specialization” and “scale” debut. From the scale, the brand occupancy rate and service facilities are incomparable to other sales venues. They are currently the professional lighting stores with the highest positioning in the lighting industry and the highest brand awareness.

According to the relevant person in charge of Lihe Plaza, “Lihe Lampang Center, as a super city complex, aims to create a comprehensive information base that integrates brand display, e-commerce, technology exchange, product research and development, and new product launches with breakthrough forward planning. In the process of project creation, we constantly innovate management models, integrate scientific positioning, business layout, and powerful integrated service functions to ensure that companies enjoy a systematic service from planning to post-operation.

In addition, some analysts pointed out that in many business models, the chain model is favored by many industry giants. For example, Beijing Shilihe Lighting City opened chain stores in Beijing, Shenyang, and Wenzhou, and achieved a good brand market recognition effect.

Liao Jinhao, the person in charge of the Oriental Lighting Plaza, said in an interview with the media, “Our store chain model and the general chain model are somewhat different. We focused on the characteristics of the lighting industry and enriched this chain model. The brand new multi-dimensional chain model, which forms a nationwide chain operation through various forms such as direct operation, joint venture, authorized alliance, etc. In the future, we will also consider the joint venture mode to operate lighting stores."

Resource Sharing: Alliances Are the Trend of the Industry Currently, more and more stores are opening up, and there are only so many merchants, which will inevitably lead to great pressure on competition. How to improve the core competitiveness has become the most important issue for all lighting stores today.

LED China Kyushu City official said, "In today's single or even lack of industry service awareness, stores can be located in the place to provide services for businesses, both to retain businesses is also a good strategy for the introduction of businesses. 'Business Alliance' is that we have been promoting in recent years In the new partnership, this plan is based on the LED Kyushu City of China, which integrates all merchants enrolled in the store and expands sales channels and networks through the sharing of business resources. So far, participating companies have been able to plan In the long-term cooperation opportunities, I personally look at the future development of the store, and the alliance will be a direction of development. After all, the power of solidarity is not to be underestimated. The alliance of merchants and distributors is not something that may not happen, as long as it is Everyone who wants to benefit the industry will want to try.”

It is reported that the Star Alliance Group is a lighting alliance initiated by leading lighting companies in the country and linked with a number of store companies. The companies and stores under the alliance will share resources and realize integration.

In the lighting alliance established by this industry, the Star Alliance is undoubtedly the world's top aircraft lighting store carrier. Starlight Alliance Group CEO Zeng Shuneng said that the Starlight Alliance will open chain stores in the country through the establishment of LED lighting lighting centers and the integration of 10 major shopping malls in the form of hundreds of companies.

"Now a lot of stores close down because they did not combine their respective advantages organically. I think organically combining the advantages of manufacturers, distributors, consumers, and stores, complement each other, and combine strengths to jointly develop the market. A win-win situation.” Xie Haichang, director of market operations at Qingdao Hongsheng International Lighting City, said in an interview.

Needless to say, the fight between hardware stores, humanized services, and brand concentration is the fight between stores. Lighting stores must counterattack, and innovation, resource management, and service must be provided.

“First of all, from a basic function, a good lighting store should give users very clear instructions and a good shopping experience. Perhaps a lighting complex that encompasses catering, entertainment, and shopping is a future trend. The user is not In order to buy lights to buy lights, you can look at the light shopping at the scene as a very good experience, especially with the touch screen advertising machine, Internet shopping guide integrated features, but also enhance the overall feelings of the user; Second, the product is very transparent Importantly, the price of domestic lighting lighting terminal market is abnormal, extremely opaque, there is no uniform price for merchants, and the product price is high. Many users have doubts about the price and the relationship between merchants is not enough; furthermore, after-sales service can not be ignored. Reflected in the customer can do lighting distribution, delivery in a timely manner, on-site installation, and even crystal lamps and other lamps after the cleaning and other follow-up services." Guangzhou Aladin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. deputy general manager of Liu Jun in an interview such as summary.

Conclusion In recent years, with the continuous increase in the demand for lighting lighting market, lighting stores have mushroomed everywhere, which will inevitably lead to huge competitive pressures. Especially with the vigorous development of e-commerce, more and more lighting stores are beginning to think about how to Change can only retain businesses and keep the world.

In the process of pursuing the discovery, some stores have responded to the requirements of the times and used the Internet platform to explore a new path of transformation and upgrading. Some stores rely on a large body of mass to carry out comprehensive development and introduce various service packages to achieve scale and strength. To win; some stores "marriage", integration of strength, strong joint efforts to seize the market; and some store size is not large, but the positioning is clear, with "thin" professional household specialized stores to win the market favor......

It is not difficult to find that some stores that have unique selling points, supporting services, professional awareness, and differentiated competitiveness have a lot to do. It can be seen that lighting fixtures are equipped with hardware facilities, humanized services, brand concentration, and more importantly, the search for products. Breakthrough is the hard truth of lighting market development!

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