Design of Intelligent Lighting Control System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Natural resources are all kinds of materials and energy that can be used by human beings in nature. They are the basis for human activities and life, the material guarantee and material basis for human survival and development, and the cornerstone for the sustainable development of human society. With the continuous development and updating of technology, human beings are increasingly developing and utilizing natural resources, but the number of natural resources is limited, and the renewable capacity of renewable resources is far behind the speed of utilization. The depletion rate of natural resources has created history. However, in the actual society, people do not seem to realize the crisis that energy will bring to society and the earth. The phenomenon of energy waste is very common, and a lot of energy consumption is wasted, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the environment.

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The phenomenon of energy waste is very obvious in lighting. Many of the equipment and places that need long-term lighting, such as school classrooms, libraries, reading rooms, factories, office buildings, subways and other public places, have a staggering power consumption. In these high-power lighting systems, the normal use of some electricity is indispensable, but due to factors such as weak responsibility of the use and management personnel, poor environmental awareness, and lack of scientific lighting control system control system. Unnecessary power waste is inevitable. For example, when there is no one indoors at night, the lighting is still bright, and the power of the long light in the equipment area is amazing. The lighting of many areas with sufficient daytime light intensity is always bright. This phenomenon causes unnecessary energy waste and Unnecessary economic losses.
According to relevant statistics, the public teaching building of Beijing University of Science and Technology can turn on the lights for 1 hour every day, saving 150 000 kW·h per year, which is equivalent to saving 100,000 yuan. It can be seen that energy-saving control on the lighting system is very necessary. However, how to ensure the actual lighting needs, without increasing the workload of the management personnel, not only to ensure the quality of the lighting, but also to achieve automatic intelligent control, thereby achieving energy conservation. The way in which the control system can be developed is an urgent problem that needs to be solved before us. In this paper, the infrared thermoelectric sensor is used to realize the system to automatically judge the number of personnel in a certain area through the data control function of the single-chip microcomputer. The control system that automatically controls the illumination brightness is an effective means to solve this problem. The collection and judgment of the sensor collection data by the single-chip microcomputer The control realizes the energy-saving control lighting system, ensures the illumination brightness in the area, and achieves the purpose of effectively saving energy under the goal of ensuring the actual use efficiency. The application of single-chip microcomputer in lighting energy-saving control system not only has good economic benefits, but also has excellent social benefits, and also has far-reaching impact on environmental protection and sustainable development.
1 The overall structure and working principle of the energy-saving control system
In order to meet the illumination illuminance requirements of personnel in a certain area, and to save energy loss, thereby achieving energy conservation, the energy-saving control system collects environmental data through a photosensitive element, that is, an infrared thermoelectric sensor or a human body sensor. When the photosensitive element detects that the natural illumination reaches a predetermined value, this value is considered to be that the current natural illumination has reached the illumination requirements of the user in the area, so there is no need to activate the illumination device. When the photosensitive element detects the value set by the natural light area, it indicates that the natural illumination is insufficient and needs supplementary illumination. At this time, the human body sensing device or the pyroelectric sensor installed in the area starts collecting the human body sensing signal, and the corresponding area is illuminated. The device is connected and started. After the person leaves, the human body sensing device or the pyroelectric sensor can not collect the human body sensing signal for a certain period of time, and it is considered that no person exists in the area, and the lighting device is interrupted and turned off without illumination. It is found that the pyroelectric sensor generally has high detection accuracy for moving human body signals when detecting human body signals, and the detection accuracy of stationary human body signal sensors is poor.

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