Briefly discuss the problems existing in the diffractometer vacuum system

Fault phenomenon During the normal use of the equipment, the vacuum indicator light suddenly goes out, the vacuum alarm light comes on, and the vacuum system protection stops. The structure of the vacuum system for fault analysis is as follows: the working process of the vacuum system of the target chamber in the automatic operation state is as follows: 3 minutes after the startup RP starts ~ the Zhu P starts ~ an IG lights up after 5 minutes ~ the vacuum indicator lights up by the above process It can be seen that there are four conditions that may cause the vacuum indicator to extinguish suddenly: (l) the vacuum measurement circuit (IG circuit) fails; (2) the actuator (vacuum pump and valve) fails; (3) the vacuum system control circuit fails; (4) Firstly replace the IG in the air leakage of the vacuum pipeline. After turning on, it is found that the rotary pump RP works normally. TMP starts after 3 minutes. However, after the TMP works for more than ten minutes, the vacuum alarm light is on, and the vacuum system protection is shut down. It can be inferred that IG, RP, TMP and its control circuit are normal, and the fault is caused by air leakage from the vacuum line. Restart the machine, carefully check the pipeline, and find that there is a slight air leakage at the electromagnetic leakage valve Lv. Press and hold the air force with your hand. There is obvious suction Shanghai vacuum pump. Remove the solenoid valve, measure the coil resistance to infinity, and judge the solenoid valve is damaged. . Emergency treatment Due to the special nature of the solenoid valve, replacement products were temporarily unavailable in the country, so it was decided to wind it up on its own. First strip off the hard encapsulation material outside the coil, the measured number of turns of a 1 meter winding is about N meters = 18, the diameter of the winding is d = 0.1, and the resistance per meter measured by the bridge method is R = 3.16 ohm. From the Rigaku Beijing service station, the solenoid valve coil resistance is about R total = lk ohm. Then the formula N = (R total / R meters) x N meters can roughly calculate the total number of turns of the solenoid valve winding N is about 570 turns. Because there is no insulated enamelled copper core wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm, around 1.2N or 68 turns are wound on the original solenoid valve skeleton. After dipping and drying, the outside is sealed with wax, and then wrapped with insulating tape and then tested on the machine. The vacuum indicator lights up after about 20 minutes. But touching the solenoid valve by hand, it was found that the coil was seriously heated and the wax became soft. Shut down, connect a voltage regulator between the solenoid valve and the power supply, and adjust the output voltage to 10 volts. Turn on, there is air leakage at the leakage valve, and slowly adjust the voltage regulator. When the output voltage is adjusted to about 150 volts, the air leakage will disappear and the system will return to normal. The self-made solenoid valve has been used for more than two years, and its performance has been very stable.

Constant Voltage LED Driver

Universal input voltage 90~305Vac; Constant voltage design; Active power factor correction; High power factor > 0.96; Multiple protection: SCP, OVP, OTP, OLP; Surge protection: 35W/50W: line-line 4KV, line-earth 6KV 75~320W: Line-line 5KV, line-earth 10KV; Degrees of protection: IP67; Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃; 5 years warranty.

The wattage: 35W/50W/75W/100W/150W/200W/320W.

The output voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V.

Ip67 Constant Voltage Led Driver

The LED power supply got global safety certifications, including UL, CE, TUV, CB, SAA etc. The LED control gear has universal input voltage, from 90~305Vac. It is a reliable product compatible with various landscape application and different countries. 


Due to the high IP rating, the LED driver can be used for dry, damp, wet locations. It is suitable for installing outside of the fixture. The perfect cooling design can ensure the product reliability and long lifetime for at least 10 years (50,000hours operation at least) minimum.

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Constant Voltage LED Driver

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