Jiangmen City Consumer Council: 30% of LED lights are unqualified

Yesterday, the Municipal Consumer Council announced the results of a random sampling comparison test of energy-saving lamps, LED lights and other products in the Jiangmen market in June this year. The results show that the energy-saving lamp pass rate is 70% and the LED lamp pass rate is 70%.

In June of this year, the Jiangmen Consumer Council staff randomly purchased 10 batches of energy-saving lamps and 10 batches of LED lamps in the major shopping malls and supermarkets in the city as ordinary consumers. The samples were commissioned by Jiangmen Quality Measurement Supervision and Inspection Institute. Comparative test.

According to the results of the announcement by the Municipal Consumer Council, in this inspection, there are 1 (LED ceiling light) products with unqualified marks; 2 products with unqualified interchangeability (1 energy saving lamp and 1 LED bulb) ); 1 product (LED bulb) with unqualified protection against accidental contact with live parts; 1 (energy-saving lamp) for products with unsatisfactory mechanical strength; products with unsatisfactory insulation resistance and dielectric strength after moisture treatment There are 1 (LED bulb); 1 (LED ceiling light) for heat, fire and scratch resistance; 2 (power saving lamp) for unqualified lamp power; initial light effect / luminous flux There are 1 unqualified products (energy-saving lamps); 2 products with unqualified color characteristics (one for energy-saving lamps and one for LED bulbs); two products with unqualified harmonic content (energy-saving lamps), others The project found no unqualified items.

According to reports, from the quality analysis of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps in this inspection, unqualified products may cause electric shock and personal injury to users during use.

The Municipal Consumer Council reminds consumers that they should purchase goods with the “ccc” safety certification mark. Because of the safety-certified products, the raw materials and finished products are subject to necessary inspections and the quality is guaranteed. In addition, consumers should check whether the information on the outer packaging and the certificate is complete when purchasing energy-saving lamps and LED lamp products, especially the manufacturer's name, model specifications, etc.; also check whether the logo on the product body has the manufacturer's name, Model specifications, etc., can also be submitted to the merchant to view relevant inspection reports and certificates.

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