Intelligent lighting into LED lighting potential market

The longevity of LED lights may be a double-edged sword. Due to the long service life, the replacement market caused by natural damage is inevitably not as large as traditional lighting. After the traditional lighting market is replaced, where will the LEDs be used? This is a problem facing the entire LED industry. The rise of smart lighting in recent years may bring new business opportunities to the LED industry.

Smart lighting belongs to the category of smart homes, and smart homes are considered to be a market that will equal or even surpass smartphones in the future. In recent years, under the craze of smart homes, smart lighting has also warmed up year by year, and a large number of companies are competing to enter, trying to get a piece of it.

In foreign countries, international lighting giants such as Philips and GE have launched new smart bulbs to find the direction of transformation. Among domestic enterprises, not only lighting companies and LED industry chain companies have flooded into them, but even Internet companies such as Jingdong and Xiaomi have begun to play "cross-border".

"The biggest advantage of LED is that each lamp can be controlled separately. You can use your mobile phone to control the change of light and shade and color. This may be the biggest market for lighting applications in the future." Wang Jun, director of marketing for Sanxiong Aurora.

Philips' Hue is the star of the current smart lighting market. It is understood that this product is not only dimmable, color, but also can be customized through the iOS or Android software side according to demand. At the same time, Philips' newly launched intelligent lighting software platform enables users to complete intelligent product control in different scenarios, and connect LED lighting devices in the system at any time outdoors and indoors.

In recent years, Xiaomi, whose layout has been expanding, is also unwilling to be lonely. In mid-October this year, four smart home products were released, including a lighting product called Yeelight Smart Light. According to related reports, Yeelight is a smart lighting startup company and completed the A round of financing at the beginning of this year. Xiaomi is its main strategic investor. According to the founder of Yeelight, Jiang Zhaoning, the light bulb cooperating with Xiaomi is customized. It is quite a bit of “small rice supply”. It only supports the operation of controlling the light bulb through the networking of Xiaomi router.

Huang Yu, an analyst at China Merchants Securities, said that the essence of intelligent lighting is electronic and networked. It can not only realize the intelligent control of the lighting system, but also realize the basic functions of automatic adjustment and scene lighting. It is also an entrance to the Internet, which leads to more high Value-added service.

It is worth mentioning that although the future of smart lighting looks very good, the existing parts of the existing intelligent lighting system, from the control platform, control protocol to the light source products, have no uniform product standards, resulting in product dispersion. Characteristics of fragmentation and fragmentation. In terms of control protocols alone, there are several types of WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and NFC available on the market. The control platforms are also available in Apple and Android. Obviously, the future of smart lighting still requires the cooperation of the entire industry chain.

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