Xiao Hua: Around the main line of structural adjustment to promote the revitalization of the telecommunications industry

Xiao Hua: Around the main line of structural adjustment to promote the revitalization of the telecommunications industry

Progress of key work in the electronic information industry in 2009

(1) Working together with the National Development and Reform Commission to formulate the "Electronic Information Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan" to coordinate with the advancement of the electronic information industry technology transformation and guide and promote industrial recovery

One is to work with the National Development and Reform Commission to compile the "Electronic Information Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan (2009-2010)", proposing major engineering and policy measures for the electronic information industry. Actively coordinate relevant ministries and commissions to implement the detailed rules, plans and fiscal and taxation policies of the plan.

The second is to formulate "Electronic Information Industry Technology Transformation and Technology Progress Investment Direction", organize major enterprises to apply for technology transformation projects, timely understand the enterprise's technology transformation project plans, and conduct screening checks, while selecting the best to be included in the project library. A total of 548 electronic information industry technological transformation projects were implemented, with a total investment of 104.9 billion yuan and a central budget investment of 3.36 billion yuan, accounting for 15% of the total technological transformation funds.

The third is to complete the mid-term evaluation of four special plans for the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" electronic information industry, summarize and analyze the industry's development achievements and existing problems in the past three years, evaluate the completion of various planning indicators, and propose development ideas for the next two years. The pre-research on major topics of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" will be initiated to prepare for the preparation of the next five-year plan.

(2) Seriously organize the implementation of major national science and technology projects and deploy concentrated research on core key technology areas

Completed the "Nuclear High-level" major special project in 2008 to start the project funding (361 million yuan has been disbursed, 923 million yuan is being disbursed, 668 million yuan will be disbursed next year) issuance and annual implementation inspection; organization of 2009 project declaration, review, implementation Preparation and reporting of the plan; implementation of the requirements of responding to the international financial crisis with the development of science and technology. In the implementation plan, key issues and financial arrangements for responding to the international financial crisis were deployed. At present, the 2009 implementation plan has been comprehensively balanced by the three ministries and commissions, and the preparation of the project feasibility report and budget is being organized (6.353 billion yuan from the central government). Organize the introduction of overseas high-level talents in 2009. Actively participate in the preparation and review of the "second special project" in 2009 and the annual implementation plan.

(3) Promote the improvement of the implementation methods and procedures of "home appliances going to the countryside" and "home appliances are replaced by old ones", and grasp the implementation of policies

One is to improve the relevant policies, and successively issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Home Appliances Going to the Countryside", "Notice on Promoting the Work of Home Appliances Going to the Countryside", "Notice on Increasing the Implementation of the Policy on Home Appliances Going to the Countryside", The "Operation Rules for Home Appliances Going to the Countryside" and "Notice on Cracking down on Special Rectification of Manufacturing and Selling Fake and Inferior Products under the Name of Home Appliances Going to the Countryside" and other documents, standardize and improve the implementation process.

The second is to cooperate with the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries and commissions to do a good job in the “trade-in” of home appliances, promulgate trade-in implementation measures, and conduct pilot projects in nine provinces and cities including Beijing and Shandong.

The third is to carry out supervision and inspection, organize experts to conduct on-site inspections of production enterprises, and take the lead in organizing supervision of home appliances to the countryside in Yunnan and Guizhou.

The fourth is to improve the after-sales service level of home appliances to the countryside, support the guidance of color TV production-related enterprises to initiate the "improve flat-screen TV after-sales service standards, and promote the smooth implementation of the policy of home appliances to the countryside", and organized the publication of the after-sale maintenance service series of home appliances to the countryside. Rural information technology series of popular science series, implement the "2009 Computer Technology and Application Lecturer Training Program", carry out the popularization of computer technology and information content for rural areas.

Fifth, strengthen publicity and research, organize 13,345 college students from subordinate colleges and universities to carry out summer social practice survey activities, distribute 50,000 publicity manuals and 250,000 survey questionnaires, and recover 235,000 valid questionnaires. Held an industrial and information system home appliance work experience exchange meeting to further promote home appliances work in the countryside to achieve better results.

(4) Increase guidance and support, promote industrial restructuring, and enhance independent innovation capabilities

One is to promote the development of the integrated circuit industry. Guide the development and industrialization of integrated circuit products in key areas such as mobile communications, digital audio and video, computers and networks, energy saving, and concentrated support for the research and development and industrialization of semiconductor lighting devices, in accordance with chip development, device packaging, phosphors, and testing instrument development And other industrial chains to arrange projects in order to strengthen the interaction between upstream and downstream. Support overseas mergers and acquisitions of Xi'an Huaxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Changdian Technology Co., Ltd.

The second is to work with the National Development and Reform Commission to compile the "2010-2012 Flat Panel Display Industry Development Plan" to strengthen planning guidance. Support the research and development and industrialization of TFT-LCD, PDP glass substrate, key materials, special equipment, and promote the improvement of the industrial chain from raw materials, equipment to the whole machine. Several OLED and PDP industry chain symposiums were held to encourage cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

Thirdly, in accordance with the State Council ’s general plan on suppressing duplication of construction, in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission, a general survey and on-site investigation of the national photovoltaic industry were conducted, and a special report on the development of the polysilicon industry was submitted to the State Council. It is studying and formulating the access conditions for the crystalline silicon industry, and is planning to build a photovoltaic industry alliance. By supporting the construction of a common technical service platform, the R & D and industrialization of key special equipment are promoted, and the healthy development of the industry is promoted.

The fourth is to actively promote the transformation of color TV and the development of independent optical disc industry. Lead the color TV backbone enterprises to the integrated design and manufacture of LCD TVs; set up a cross-strait flat panel display industry promotion working group. Mainland color TV companies and Taiwan panel manufacturers implemented a total procurement contract of US $ 3.36 billion in 2009; guide chip manufacturers and content providers He audio-visual distribution company supports CBHD (China Blu-ray High-definition Disc), actively promotes the formulation of China's independent high-definition disc format standard, supports the establishment of China's Blu-ray high-definition program editing center, and promotes the development of the high-definition disc industry.

Fifth, guide and support the development of TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as "TD") and wireless broadband access industry. Support the development and industrialization of TD-enhanced intelligent terminals and core chips and TD test tools, special business application development and industrialization; organize the development of video surveillance systems and terminals based on TD networks, which have been used in urban management, transportation, Pilot applications in areas such as public affairs services; support for research and development of base station equipment, repeaters, core network equipment, terminals and key supporting components. Focus on promoting the industrial application of wireless broadband access systems in the fields of energy, transportation and public affairs.

The sixth is to improve the independent development and application level of notebook computers, high-performance computers and industrial control computers. The survey put forward the "Report on Promoting the Development of China's Computer Industry" to promote the support for domestic companies to establish notebook computer design and development laboratories and ODM research and development centers. Held the first "Kunshan Cup" China Notebook Design Contest, received a total of 2119 entries, which showcased the overall strength of the domestic computer design industry. Guide the establishment of a high-performance computing and service professional working group to promote the development of high-performance computer standards.

(V) Established and perfected the electronic information standard and quality work system, completed the standard review of the electronic information field and the electronic information product quality survey report

One is to actively communicate with the Department of Science and Technology and relevant professional departments to establish and improve the standard work system in the field of electronic information. It organized a review of 4,272 standards over 10 years of age, including 1,898 standards to be abolished, 966 standards to be revised, and 1,408 effective standards. Focusing on the implementation of the key content of the electronic information industry adjustment and revitalization plan, the first batch of 394 standard project plans (its Chinese standard of 357 items) were included in the Ministry of Industry Standard Plan 25; the second batch of 167 plans (the Chinese standard of 4 items ), Currently under review. 85 standards were submitted for review, and 41 standards were submitted for approval.

The second is to promote the application of terrestrial digital TV transmission standards, independent audio and video standards, and IGRS standard products. 42 cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau have launched terrestrial digital TV broadcasting. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shaanxi, Qingdao and other places have launched terrestrial digital TV systems using AVS. Support domestic enterprises and scientific research units to participate in the testing of digital TV standards in Cuba, Venezuela, Peru and other countries to prepare for application. Support R & D and industrialization of pre-installed IGRS standard products.

The third is to carry out nationwide surveys on the quality of electronic information products, issue survey questionnaires to 215 enterprises and 23 electronic information product testing institutions, issue notices to 15 industry associations, and visit five provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Sichuan, Liaoning, Shandong, and Beijing Nearly one hundred enterprises concentrated on the discussion and completed a more comprehensive "Research Report on the Quality of Electronic Information Products".

(6) Accelerate the promotion of industrial policies and industrial legislation to create a good external environment

One is to implement the "Electronic Information Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan", and jointly promote the "Several Policies to Further Encourage the Development of the Software Industry and the Integrated Circuit Industry" as soon as possible in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance. At present, the consultation work between the ministries and commissions of the new policy has been completed and will be submitted to the State Council as soon as possible.

The second is to compile the "Regulations on the Promotion of Information Technology Application". The opinions of the Department of Policies and Regulations of the Ministry have been sought and are currently being revised. Study and put forward a plan for supporting coordination and guarantee mechanism of major projects supported by national funds, and support the development of domestic electronic information technology, products, systems and related services.

The third is to cooperate with the Finance Department and the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau to do a good job in the tariff policy of electronic information products and WTO-related affairs, to propose a list of recommendations for the adjustment of export tax rebates for electronic information products, and to regularly notify WTO organizations of the implementation of my commitments in the field of electronic information, and organize Propose a negotiation plan in the field of electronic information with Costa Rica, Norway and other free trade zones.

(7) Strict implementation of administrative licenses and strengthening supervision of key electronic information products

The first is to revise and complete the Measures for the Qualification Management of Tax Control Cash Register Manufacture Enterprises. Improve the tax management cash register qualification management information system, organize and carry out system security inspections. Accept the qualification application of 6 enterprises, and issue the qualification certificate of tax control cash register production enterprise for 5 enterprises. Accepting applications for renewal of certificates from 24 companies and renewing qualification certificates for 18 companies. At present, there are a total of 75 enterprises with tax-controlled cash register production qualifications and 146 valid qualification certificates. In 2009, a total of 26 batches of product serial numbers were issued for 16 companies. Carry out self-examination of tax-controlled cash register production enterprises, and require six enterprises with problems to make rectifications.

The second is to strengthen the management of the qualification examination and approval of satellite TV receiving equipment designated production enterprises. Together with the commercial sector, in 2009, 7 enterprises were cancelled the production qualification of processing processing of satellite TV receiving facilities, and 7 enterprises were approved to obtain the production qualification of processing processing of satellite TV receiving facilities; Initially plan to build an online monthly reporting platform for designated production enterprises.

The third is to strengthen the management of the qualification assessment of wireless radio and television transmission equipment, approve the change of product categories of three designated manufacturing enterprises, and the name change of one designated manufacturing enterprise, and approve one enterprise to obtain the qualification of wireless radio and television transmission equipment, and organize the certification of wireless radio and television transmission equipment. Equipment qualified enterprises carry out inspections.

Fourth, strengthen the certification management of integrated circuit enterprises, organize the completion of the 7th batch of 41 integrated circuit design enterprise certification and 264 integrated circuit design enterprise annual review; in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments to complete the 2009 138 nationally encouraged integrated circuit enterprise certification and Annual review.

(8) Continue to promote the popularization and application of information technology and the construction of major national informatization projects

The first is to carry out research on the integration of the two technologies, and put forward the ideas and measures for comprehensively promoting the integration of the two technologies by using information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries as the starting point and core content. Investigate the development status and key directions of the automotive electronics industry, and put forward a report on the development of the automotive electronics industry. Carry out three phases of information technology application talent training to provide talent support for the large-scale promotion and application of mature system solutions.

The second is to speed up the construction of a direct broadcast satellite village village. Cooperate with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to revise the standards for direct broadcast satellite set-top boxes, and coordinate the relevant testing of production licenses. In 2009, the purchase of radio, television, and satellite channels for terrestrial satellite radio and television receivers increased from 3.66 million sets last year to 8.65 million sets. The bidding amount was raised from 1.4 billion yuan to 3 billion yuan. It will be produced by Chinese enterprises.

The third is to continue to promote the implementation of the "China Core" project, and support the development and promotion of products with independent intellectual property rights. Organize the supply and optimization of special chip modules for second-generation certificates, and conduct security assessments according to requirements, and discuss the development and pilot application of electronic passport chips with the Ministry of Public Security.

The fourth is to cooperate with the National Air Traffic Control Commission to carry out national low-altitude flight statistics, and propose the adjustment plan of the Air Traffic Control System Engineering Office of the Ministry. To support and promote the application of electronic payment technology based on radio frequency identification, China Mobile has established pilot mobile payment applications in Guangdong, Hunan, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Beijing. Organize and coordinate domestic mobile phone manufacturers to develop mobile terminal products suitable for the blind, and coordinate the China Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation for the Disabled with Hisense to sign a cooperation intention to develop special mobile terminal products.

(IX) Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and guide enterprises to "go global"

One is to carry out cooperation and exchanges with the European Union in the field of Internet of Things and RFID, and communicate on product development, standard formulation and application.

Second, the 8th meeting of the IT Working Group of the Communications and Information Technology Sub-Committee of the China-Russia Prime Ministers ’Regular Meeting Committee was held in Russia. At the meeting, we actively urged the Russian information technology industry and park authorities to participate in the talks and implementation of the IT working group At the same time, China and Russia agreed to establish a specific cooperation mechanism between the two companies in the field of information technology. Assist enterprises to participate in international exhibitions held in China and Russia.

The third is to go to Japan to participate in the 5th China-Japan Information Technology and Industry Policy Exchange Conference, and introduced the development of China's TD-SCDMA industry and broadband wireless access private network to Japan. Meeting with Willcom of Japan to actively promote cooperation between Chinese and Japanese companies in the field of TD-SCDMA.

Key tasks of electronic information industry in 2010

(1) Pay attention to the guidance and support of planning and policies, and do a good job of predictive analysis of economic operation

1. On the basis of the pre-research of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", organize the development of the "Twelfth Five-Year" electronic information industry development plan and special plans for integrated circuits, components, special equipment, and information technology applications.

2. Intensify work, continue to implement the "Electronic Information Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan", coordinate the relevant ministries and commissions in accordance with the detailed division of tasks, and do a good job.

3. Promote the "Information Technology Application Promotion Regulations" and "Several Policies to Further Encourage the Development of the Software Industry and the Integrated Circuit Industry" as soon as possible. Continue to cooperate with the finance department to make adjustments to the export tax rebate policy, and cooperate with the implementation of the equipment policy of the electronic information special equipment catalog.

4. Improve the level of analysis of the economic operation of the electronic information product manufacturing industry, deeply study the many uncertainties facing the international financial crisis and domestic macroeconomic development, propose countermeasures, and guide the development of the industry.

(2) Accelerate the advancement of major national science and technology projects and concentrate on breaking through core technologies

5. According to the overall requirements of the implementation of major national science and technology special projects, meticulously organize and scientifically manage to complete major projects such as "core electronic devices, high-end general-purpose chips and basic software products", "very large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of processes" The establishment of the project in 2010 and the preparation of the 2011 implementation plan started the project according to the planned progress and strengthened supervision and management. Strengthen the inspection of projects in 2008 and 2009.

(3) Continue to implement the policy of home appliances going to the countryside and the "trade-in" of home appliances, and actively develop the domestic demand market

6. Supervise and guide production enterprises to do research and development, production organization, quality assurance and after-sales service of home appliances to the countryside. Continue to organize the compilation and printing of key product maintenance series for home appliances to the countryside, actively promote the establishment of a public service platform for rural household appliances, and accelerate the construction of a third-party system for after-sales services of home appliances to the countryside.

7. Continue to do a good job in rural information technology training and application popularization, promote the combination of "information going to the countryside", "broadband going to the countryside" and "home appliances going to the countryside", and give full play to the information service functions of electronic information products such as computers, mobile phones and color TVs. Help farmers to become rich in production, enrich farmers' cultural life, and promote the construction of a new socialist countryside.

8. Cooperate with relevant departments in organizing and implementing the “trade-in” for home appliances, continue to monitor and follow up the implementation of specific implementation plans and policies in the pilot provinces and cities, and keep abreast of the latest progress in trade-in and feedback from enterprises to ensure the smooth progress of the policy and Improve promotion.

(4) Further improve the standardization and quality management work system in the field of electronic information to improve the development level of the service industry

9. Organize and formulate "Electronic Information Industry Standards Development Rules" to standardize the working procedures and specific requirements of the entire process of electronic information industry standards development and revision. Strengthen the management of standardization technical organizations, adjust and standardize relevant standardization work committees and working groups.

10. Do a comprehensive review of national standards in the field of electronic information. Centering on the "Electronic Information Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan", we will continue to organize the work of standard project establishment, revision and approval.

11. Strengthen communication and contact with local authorities, industry associations and third-party testing agencies, and improve the quality management system of the electronic information industry. Cooperate with the electronic information products part of the "12th Five-Year Plan" industrial product quality planning. Support the construction of testing platforms for key products and improve the basic capabilities of industry quality management.

12. Continue to cooperate with the quality random inspection of key electronic information products, regularly announce the results of random inspection to the society, and urge enterprises to pay attention to and strengthen product quality management.

(5) Increase innovation, promote the implementation of major projects, and enhance industrial competitiveness

——— Integrated Circuit Industry

13. Promote the implementation of key projects such as the "909 Project" upgrade and transformation, strengthen the integration and interaction of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices with key electronic complete machines, and combine production and use to open up new market space for industrial development.

14. Through electronic development funds, integrated circuit industry research and development special funds, and other means, increase efforts to organize technological innovations in superior characteristic integrated circuits, semiconductor lighting, and power electronic device products to improve the core competitiveness of the industry.

15. Continue to support the construction of integrated circuit public service platform and promote the development of integrated circuit design industry. This year, with the focus on the construction of semiconductor lighting intellectual property research and testing platforms, improve service capabilities and levels.

——— Computer Industry

16. Continue to promote independent research and development of notebook computers, improve the design level of the computer industry, vigorously develop computer energy-saving technologies, promote the formulation and application of energy-saving standards, guide, support, and promote the structural adjustment of domestic computer companies to improve their competitiveness.

17. Strengthen product development and application research on cloud computing, mobile Internet, and sensor network technologies, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the computer industry and the expansion of applications.

18. Break through the key technologies of IPv6 high-end network equipment, realize the localization of IPv6 high-end network equipment, promote the R & D and industrialization of IPv6-compatible terminal equipment, and make industrial preparations for the transfer of IPv4 to IPv6.

——— Communication Industry

19. Continue to support the development and industrialization of TD-SCDMA chips, terminals, test instruments and meters, promote the construction of TD-SCDMA terminal test environment, and expand business development and application based on TD-SCDMA.

20. Focus on supporting the research and development and industrialization of multimedia digital trunking, broadband wireless access system equipment and terminals for industry private networks, and promote the application in civil aviation, power, oil, urban rail transit, government affairs and emergency industries.

21. Strongly support the development and industrialization of 10Gbit / s passive optical network (10GPON) central office equipment and optical network units, and further improve the industrial strength of broadband optical access equipment in China.

——— Audiovisual Industry

22. Carry out network TV policy research and promote the research and development of related products; formulate and publish implementation opinions for popularizing terrestrial digital TV receivers, and accelerate the promotion and popularization of terrestrial digital TV.

23. Support the research and development and industrialization of digital TV products using digital TV terrestrial transmission standards (DTMB), digital audio and video coding (AVS and DRA) and other independent technical standards, and promote the development and integration of flat-panel TV integrated modules and LED flat-screen TVs. Industrialization.

24. Closely follow the development of next-generation OLED display technology and the technological development of laser TV and 3D TV, and strive to win the initiative of competition.

25. Seize the new opportunity for the development of high-definition optical discs, adhere to the combination of independent innovation and joint cooperation, promote the formulation of high-definition video disc player standards and the construction of patent pools, and accelerate the upgrading and structural adjustment of the optical disc industry.

——— Electronic Basic Products Industry

26. Implement the "2010-2012 Flat Panel Display Industry Development Plan", standardize the management of high-generation flat panel construction projects, guide the rational expansion of industrial scale, strengthen the number of production lines, and focus on technological innovation.

27. In accordance with the State Council's guidance on suppressing the repeated construction of the polysilicon industry, formulate polysilicon industry access standards, strengthen the management of new construction, expansion, and construction projects, and resolutely curb the situation of repeated construction and overcapacity in the industry.

28. Promote key enterprises to establish photovoltaic and OLED industry alliances, strengthen industry alliances, establish relevant R & D, standards, supporting and application systems, and promote the integrated development of production, learning, research and use.

29. Support the R & D and industrialization of AMOLED key core technology, polysilicon by-product comprehensive utilization technology, power battery key materials, sensors based on MEMS technology, etc.

30. Promote independent innovation and support of the supporting industry, mainly in flat panel displays, solar photovoltaics, power batteries, and key raw materials and process equipment supporting key projects, supporting the supporting industry to strengthen R & D and application, and form a complete industrial chain.

(6) In-depth development of information technology applications to promote the integration of the two

31. Actively participate in the planning of Wuxi City's "Perception China Center", support the construction of the top ten sensor network demonstration projects in Jiangsu Province and the nine sensor network demonstration projects in Wuxi City; organize domestic enterprises to break through the key technologies of sensor networks and Internet of Things, Independently develop sensor network, Internet of Things core devices and equipment, and improve application solutions; combine industry application demonstration projects, accelerate the formulation of relevant standards, guide and promote the development of the sensor network industry, and promote the internationalization of independent standards.

32. Increase support for key technologies and products in automotive electronics, and support the establishment of automotive electronics design platforms and laboratories. Focus on the development of new energy automotive electronic equipment, break through the key technologies of vehicle energy systems, drive systems, and control systems, and realize the localization of new energy automotive electronic equipment.

33. Study the development of the domestic air traffic control industry, and propose the goal of localization of air traffic control system equipment. Strengthen communication and coordination with the Civil Aviation Administration and other units to promote the complete application of domestic air traffic control system equipment.

(7) Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and promote the improvement of the international level of industry

34. Continue to promote and support Sino-Russian enterprise cooperation, implement the 8th meeting of the IT Working Group of the China-Russia Prime Ministers' Regular Meeting Committee, recommend Chinese superior enterprises and projects to cooperate with the Russian side, and promote Sino-Russian Information Industry Park and Ministry of Commerce's overseas economic and trade cooperation Area to interact.

35. Actively participate in the international sensor network standardization working group meeting, understand the progress of global sensor network standards, industries, and applications, focus on understanding the South Korean and Japanese private network communications and Internet of Things applications, and propose ideas for exchange and cooperation with Japan and South Korea.

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