Facebook has a market value of $ 17.6 billion in the private market

Facebook has a market value of $ 17.6 billion in the private market

Sina Technology News Beijing time on the morning of March 12, according to foreign media reports, private company stock trading market SecondMarket released January trading data shows that consumer products and services startup stocks are more popular in the market, while Facebook Of stock trading is active.

Data show that the trading volume of private company stocks rose sharply in February, from $ 13 million in January to $ 43.8 million. Of these, 48% were Facebook stock transactions, up from 38% in January. Facebook shares have reached $ 40 per share in previous transactions, and according to this stock price, Facebook ’s market value has reached $ 17.6 billion. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) said this week that Facebook is not in a hurry to go public.

With the exception of Facebook, LinkedIn shares accounted for 18% of all transactions, while Twitter and Zynga's stock transactions accounted for 15%. LifeLock stock transactions accounted for 4% of the total.

The data also shows that private company stock transactions are mainly concentrated in consumer products and services, and stock transactions in this area account for 85% of the total. Media and entertainment companies accounted for 15% of stock transactions. Similar to 2009, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter stocks traded the most in SecondMarket.

From the buyer's perspective, Facebook shares account for 1/3 of all buying demand, while Twitter and LinkedIn shares account for 7% and 5% of buying demand, respectively. The buying demand for Zynga stock has increased to 3%. From the seller's perspective, the former employees of the startup are actively selling the shares they hold, and the shares they sell account for 80% of the total transaction volume, setting a record for the past 9 months.

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