Application of contactless laser measurement in the automotive industry

Crack detection is an effective application area, allowing the body to move, the maximum measurement range is up to 1500mm, the measurement frequency band is up to 20KHz, and the deformation of the internal parts of the wheel can be detected without contact. The engine runs at maximum speed and detects the air valve at scan speeds up to 50KHz. The digital components of the car body can be detected at low frequencies. In this case, the detector replaces the Z-direction probe with a laser sensor to achieve high-speed detection, and can continuously move on the X and Y axes to detect more data for the same object.

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Vehicle detection

The best measurement of the distance between the vehicle and the ground is the contactless laser measurement system. The OPTIMESS laser sensor can be installed to suit different road conditions such as bright cement, gravel, black or wet asphalt. Multiple sensors can be installed to detect the swing angle and clearance, which often saves inspection space and reduces the number of processing. Due to the large amount of weight reduction, multiple applications are possible. Due to the wide range and distance of optical inspection, all component changes such as engine displacement, exhaust system, drive shaft, steering, and damping system can be detected. For shock absorbing systems, the laser sensor can be attached directly to the shock absorbing legs.

production line

The main applications on the production line are dimensional control and automated assembly. Including size detection of brakes, clutches, axles and full body. The shape of the product on the assembly line can be recorded online rather than point-like. Here, the OPTISCAN laser scanner measures the laser beam through specular reflection and CCD matrix detection (light focusing sensor) to detect the light moving line. This system is mainly used for the assembly of the door and windshield by the robot. The measuring line can accurately measure the gap between the components. The sensor is specially protected and can be mounted on the robot welding head.

Spare parts industry

The rapid growth of laser measurement systems in the parts and components industry is not only based on the steady growth of production quality and documentation of the parts automation industry, but also the demand for production automation. Measurements include: safety components such as airbags or chassis, thickness measurement of liners or brake linings, and on-line measurement of fully automated production lines such as clutches, axles and drums. For example, the automatic detection of the clutch disc of a large parts factory reduces the scrap rate by up to 60%.

Road condition detection

As mentioned above, the distance between the car body and the road surface can be measured while the vehicle is running, and the corresponding road conditions and its surface can also be measured. It is particularly important to measure road condition information as accurately as possible. In addition, road surface information is an important parameter for the development of various vehicle tires and dynamic chassis. A special type of vehicle licensed by the government to measure and record the meridional and latitudinal road conditions of national roads.

Racing car

Since aerodynamics is particularly important for racing cars, the distance between the vehicle and the road is required to be stable and appropriate. Laser sensors, in addition to the long-term use of Formula 1 racing cars, are also used in more and more other levels of racing such as DTM. It not only measures the vehicle's road surface spacing and the balance between the shock absorber and the chassis, but also enables dynamic calibration of the chassis. Due to the strict limitations of the racing space and the reduction of vibration resistance, the sensor is strongly required to be miniaturized.

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