Shanxi Guangyu Mid-year Summary Conference ended successfully

In 2012, it was the most challenging year for national sales companies. Under the influence of domestic economic inflation and foreign debt crisis, the performance of most enterprises in the first half of the year fell sharply. In the face of this crisis situation, all enterprises are seeking breakthroughs in performance. . In the past six months of 2012, Guangyu Company has achieved solid sales performance with its solid industry accumulation and hard work of personnel. It has achieved good results.

On July 22, 2012, Shanxi Guangyu Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. organized its own “The Passion, Reinventing and Creating a Good Achievement” theme. The mid-year summary meeting was held at Huairou Huake Mountain Resort in Beijing. All the sales elites of Guangyu Company gathered in Beijing to make suggestions for further rapid development of the company. The meeting was mobilized by the company's general manager Dai Feng to face the current situation, which spurred the sales staff to firmly believe in the re-creation of Guangyu.

The conference heard the annual work summary of the first half of each district manager and the report of the implementation of the work plan for the second half of the year. The report was clear and clear, and the target was clear, which was praised and recognized by the company's senior leaders. Mr. Dai pointed out that in the second half of the year, everyone should seize more opportunities and speed up the pace to continue to work hard to complete the company's established sales tasks. At the same time, don't ignore the experience summary of the region, and avoid rushing for quick success and taking more roads.

During the meeting, the company also specially invited Director Li Tienan of China Architecture Design and Research Institute and Chairman Wang Meng of Beijing Lighting Society to give training to all sales staff of our company. The two experts elaborated on the precautions of Guangyu's LED lamps in the application process. Director Wang also conducted in-depth discussions and talks on the marketing strategy of public relations invisible channels, letting Guangyu's sales strategy develop. Have a deeper understanding.

The company also elected several sales elite representatives to share their sales experience, and taught their successful experience in the sales process. The in-depth reports benefited every salesperson at the meeting. In the outdoor development training arranged by Sunshine Company on July 24th, everyone grouped and detached the team to complete the training tasks assigned by the coaches, trusting the game of back-striking, high-altitude broken bridge, and leadership spirit, so that everyone could feel the excitement, passion and the whole team. Moving. The expansion training enhanced the great confidence and team cohesion of the Guangyu sales team and laid a solid foundation for the next team collaboration.

All staff of Guangyu Company took photos with experts

Guangyu company organization training

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