White-hot inverter market, relying on what to build competitiveness

It is based on the urgent need for energy conservation, especially the pull of industrial energy conservation, the inverter market has a bright future, industry analysts said. In this feast of the energy-saving industry, competition in the inverter market is also becoming increasingly intense.

Chinese and foreign brands competed on the domestic market. CCID Consulting's investigators told the author that domestic brands have firmly occupied the dominant position in the high-voltage frequency converter market, but are still inferior to foreign brands in the field of medium- and low-voltage inverters.

It is understood that the domestic inverter market is originated with the entry of foreign brands, and the market share of foreign brands has reached more than 70%. ABB, Siemens, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric and other foreign brands accounted for the majority of China's low-voltage inverter market share. Domestic brands are represented by Shenzhen Infinity, Chengdu Hope Senlan, and Shenzhen Huichuan Technology.

With the improvement of the status of energy-saving industries, the potential capacity of the inverter market has attracted many industry participants. According to statistics, there are currently more than 100 brands on the domestic inverter market. In addition, there are also thousands of companies engaged in product sales and secondary development.

Relevant statistics show that at present, the growth rate of the installed capacity of inverters in the domestic market is about 20%. According to such development speed and market demand, it takes about 10 years for the inverter market to be saturated.

The initial use of the inverter driven by industrial energy-saving is speed control. With the development of technology and society's increasing energy efficiency requirements, it is gradually being used in the field of energy conservation.

According to calculations, the energy-saving rate of motor systems using inverters is generally around 30%, and that of some high-level applications is up to 40% to 60%. Energy-saving effects are significant. Today, inverters are the development direction of motor energy saving.

According to reports, the frequency conversion speed control technology used in the coal industry earlier is the mine hoist. At present, developed countries have used inverters commonly used in belt conveyor speed control or belt conveyor start control, fan speed control and water pump. Speed ​​adjustment. The use of frequency converters in the above devices, in addition to improving transmission performance, more importantly, can save energy.

The energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction in the power industry are even more severe. Since frequency converters can efficiently save energy and improve the technological level in many industries, to a certain extent, vigorously promoting the application of frequency converters in various industries can reduce the pressure on power generation indicators in the power industry, save energy, and reduce emissions. Quantity, reduce energy consumption.

On the other hand, the power industry is also one of the important application areas of inverter products. From the control process related to the inverter in China's thermal power plants, the drive devices for wind, coal, water, slag, and tail gas systems are suitable for the application of medium and low voltage frequency converters. Beijing, a frequency converter manufacturer technical responsible person revealed.

The battle for the core device has started. In 2011, the supply of low-voltage inverters in the domestic market was in short supply, and the first time there was a faster growth rate than the high-voltage frequency converters, and the high-voltage frequency converters further intensified the competition.

In general, the market size of low- and medium-voltage inverters has increased at a level of 10% to 15%, but the growth rate in 2011 exceeded that of high-voltage inverters for the first time, achieving an accelerated development of 30%. Industry sources said.

On the whole, China's variable frequency speed control technology started late and is 10 to 15 years later than Europe, America, Japan, and other developed countries. However, some experts believe that due to the current market application of high-end inverter is mainly occupied by European, American and Japanese brands, from the long-term development trend, there are nearly 80% of the import substitution space, the low voltage will be the main battlefield for the inverter in the future.

In recent years, with the development of the frequency converter industry, the core electronic components of the frequency converter are from the original SCR (thyristor), GTO (gate turn-off thyristor), through BJT (bipolar power transistor), SITH (static induction thyristor) , MGT (MOS control transistor), MCT (MOS control thyristor), developed to today's IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor), HVIGBT (high-voltage insulated gate bipolar thyristor), device update to promote the application of the inverter More extensively, the market scale quickly expanded.

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