The car market continues to be depressed, LED car lighting is in trouble

[Source: "High-tech LED - Research and Review" June issue / Hu Yanling]

The sluggish overall car market this year has made the emerging LED car market seem to be in a downturn.

“The phenomenon of 'blowout' appeared in the auto market in 2009-2010, which consumed more potential purchasing power. Some automakers adjusted their plans this year.” Changzhou Xingyu Auto Lamp Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingyu) Dong Mi Huang and Fa According to the "High-tech LED", according to previous market forecasts, the annual sales growth of the car in 2012 will drop to 5%-10%, which will definitely affect the car parts and components enterprises.

A senior executive of Guangzhou Fo Da Signal Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Fo Da) recently told reporters that with the continued downturn in the global economic situation and the sluggish automobile market, LED lights have encountered an unprecedented dilemma. “The sales of LED lights this year have fallen a lot from last year.”

According to a survey by the reporter, only some mid- to high-end models use LED lighting. "The cost of LED lights is 2-3 times that of traditional lights. Some models that take the low-end people's route, such as Chery QQ, have a profit of 100 yuan. It is not realistic for them to use higher-priced LED lights. "The head of a domestic automobile manufacturer told reporters.

Car market downturn

Since 2008, a series of stimulating automobile consumption policies introduced by the country have rapidly boosted the demand for automobiles. In 2009 and 2010, China's automobile sales growth rate reached 46% and 32% respectively.

However, excessive early consumption consumes a large amount of potential purchasing power. Since 2011, the domestic auto market has once again fallen into a downturn.
Affected by the inertia of the market last year, this year, the production and sales of the national auto market continued to be weak. According to the latest statistics of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales volume of passenger cars in China from January to May was 6,340,700 and 63,333,000, respectively. The output increased by 7.05% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 5.48% year-on-year. The pressure is further increased.

"According to relevant market forecasts, the growth rate of automobile sales in 2012 will be reduced to 5%-10%. The growth of auto parts market such as lamps and lanterns is changing with the changes in the automobile sales market. The downturn in the auto market also means the lights. The market downturn will continue for some time.” Huang Hefa said that he expects the domestic car lamp market to grow at a rate of around 5% this year, including traditional car lights and LED lights.

On June 13, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the announcement of "2012 Old Vehicles Retirement Renewal Subsidy Vehicles and Subsidy Standards". This move has also been interpreted by all parties as a precursor to the old-for-new subsidy before the introduction of a new round of automobile stimulus policies.

Although favorable policies can play a role in boosting the auto market, relevant experts believe that this does not mean that the auto market will have a sharp increase two years ago. “Because the market base has become larger. The relevant policies have been introduced again to drive the market. The effect will definitely show up, but it will not rise sharply."

"In the short term, LED lights can't replace traditional lights to become mainstream." Huang Hefa said that there will be no large-scale explosion in the market, and the growth of LED lights is expected to replace traditional lights. However, from the perspective of the domestic market, the penetration rate of LED lights is not ideal. Take Xingyu Optoelectronics as an example. In 2011, the revenue of headlights was 984 million yuan, of which LED lamps accounted for less than 10%.

LED headlights have low penetration

According to relevant data, in 2011, automotive LED external lighting revenue was 520 million US dollars, automotive LED interior lighting revenue was 660 million US dollars, global lamp market size reached 14.9 billion US dollars, LED lamp penetration rate was only 7.9%.

"For car manufacturers, the use of LED lighting is still only a sales point, because LED energy saving, environmental protection, long life." The person in charge of the above-mentioned car manufacturer told reporters, "If the car is equipped with LED lighting, it is equivalent to high-end s Mark."

"The cost of LED lights is 2-3 times that of traditional lights. If the other costs of cars are similar, the cost of lights is more, consumers are definitely not happy. So LED lights are still only used in some. High-end models." Huang Hefa said.

According to the statistics of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), LEDs are more mature in automotive interiors such as vehicle dashboards, backlight switches, car reading lights or head-up display systems, among which the backlight of the instrument panel has been 100% LED-based. . LEDs have also been used in the field of small lamps, such as automobile combination taillights and brake lights. But in the headlights that represent high-end technology, LEDs are still just getting started.

“The headlights are the biggest potential market for LED automotive lighting in the future. The price of an LED headlight varies from 5000-15000 yuan, and the maximum profit can reach 200%. Therefore, 1 billion in the LED headlamp market is a piece. Very easy thing." The above-mentioned Guangzhou Foda executive said. However, he also said that the headlights will take a long time for large-scale applications due to high-power cooling technology problems.

LED headlamps are the highest-end applications of LEDs in the field of automotive lights, and their segmentation industry is still in its infancy in the international arena. At present, only the top models of the Audi A8L and Buick LaCrosse are equipped with LED headlamps. GLII's latest automotive LED report shows that the current LED headlight penetration rate is less than 1%.

Different from the LED lighting market, the LED lamp market has very good standards, and there are also restrictions on entry barriers. Compared with other market segments, the LED lamp market is relatively standardized. "But the essence of merchants is profit-seeking. The average net profit margin of LED lights can reach 20%. In the past two years, the number of companies entering the LED lamp market has increased and the competition will become more and more fierce." The person in charge of the company disclosed to the reporter.

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