Development of automotive black box based on Sitsang platform


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In 2020, the number of civilians in China will soar to 140 million, and the number of car ownership in the world will increase at a rate of 30 million per year. The number of traffic safety accidents has also increased year by year. When dealing with traffic accidents, law enforcement officers cannot understand the situation before and after the entire accident, and the scene of the accident for extracting evidence is generally seriously damaged, which may lead to some misjudgments. Once the car is installed in the system, the procedures for handling traffic accidents have improved the fairness and notarization of law enforcement due to video and digital evidence.

The car designed by this system realizes video forensics, and the video recording before and after the accident is collected by the camera, which can truly reproduce the whole process of the accident. In addition, the car black box also has anti-theft function, can start the voice transmission function under certain conditions, transmit the voice in the car to the designated receiving center through the mobile phone network, and also determine the position of the car through the GPS global positioning system.

Development environment based on Sitsang development

Bsp; Sitsang development platform is a complete embedded development platform based on Intel XScale PXA255 processor. The Intel XScale PXA255 processor is designed for high performance, low power and highly integrated applications such as PDAs, switches, smartphones and more. The platform provides a number of interfaces for development:

* 640 × 480 resolution true color LCD screen;

* One USB port, two USB ports;

* Microphone, linear input, headphone jack;

* I2C bus interface;

* A CF card interface;

* An SD/MMC card slot;

* Full-featured Bluetooth serial port and standard serial port.

The platform supports WinCE or Linux operating system. The software configuration includes WinCE BSP (Board Support Package), Linux kernel source code and all hardware drivers.

We used the Linux operating system, the kernel version is Linux2.4.19, and added the XScale PXA255 patch to the kernel and the peripheral expansion interface driver of the Sitsang development platform. For example, the USB host chip is Philips' ISP1161 driver. Using QT/Embedded to write a graphical interface, QT/Embedded is a C++ GUI development kit that provides many standard QT APIs, allowing us to develop graphical interfaces based on these APIs quickly and easily.

System composition

The system is centered on the Sitsang board and extends three cameras, a wireless communication module, a GPS module, a microphone and an emergency switch.

The forensic camera is responsible for video forensics, the surveillance camera is responsible for monitoring the interior conditions, the reversing camera assists the owner to observe the rear vision angle of the vehicle, the GPS module receives the latitude and longitude data, the wireless communication module transmits images and GPS data, the emergency switch is used in an emergency, and the microphone is used. leave a message. The system fully utilizes the powerful functions of the XScale PXA255 chip, realizes many software functions such as MPEG-4 codec and data communication between various modules, which enables Sitsang to play a central control and coordination role.

The main peripherals of the system are as follows:

* Wireless broadband network: We have chosen a new generation of wireless broadband networks to transmit data.

* GPS module: GPS module with RS232 interface is selected. Relatively speaking, since the Sitsang board already has a serial port driver, and the serial port programming is relatively simple, the rate also meets the demand, so it is suitable for the system.

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