Analysts claim Taiwan panel makers may lose NT$50 billion in the first half of the year

July 18 news, according to Taiwan media reports, panel prices did not rebound as expected, will continue to lose money in the second quarter, Taiwan panel makers in the first quarter of losses in the first quarter more than 31.7 billion Taiwan dollars, estimated total losses in the first half Look at NT$50 billion. The panel maker’s financial report will be launched successively from this week, and LG Display will be the first to appear on the 21st. The views on the market conditions in the third quarter have attracted attention.

At the end of the month, the financial reports will appear one after another. LG Display is still in the lead on the 21st. LGD currently ranks second in the global market. The amount of losses in the single quarter and the outlook for the third quarter will also be adjusted for the follow-up panel market conditions. Taiwan Panel Plant Financial Report, AU Optronics will be held on the 27th, Chunghwa Picture Tubes scheduled on the 29th, Chi Mei is planning on August 4.

In the first quarter of this year, Taiwan's panel makers lost more than NT$31.7 billion in total losses. The shipment performance in the second quarter was not as good as expected, and the price continued to fall. The hope of turning losses into profits fell. Samsung’s previous financial forecasts have already become visible. Samsung’s LCD panel business continued to suffer losses in the second quarter. The sector’s revenue is estimated to decline by about 11%, and its operating loss is estimated to be approximately 73.5 billion won.

LGD’s net loss after tax in the first quarter reached NT$3.017 billion, and revenue in the second quarter was about RMB 168 billion. The quarterly growth rate was about 15%. However, the proportion of TV panel sales of Korean panel makers is around 50%, which is the worst profit for each application. Therefore, the single-quarter loss is still expected to be more than RMB 1 billion.

Both AUO and Chi Mei had a large loss of NT$13.8 billion in the first quarter. Although the capacity utilization rate rose to over 85% in the second quarter, the gross profit margin was expected to go from negative to positive. However, the panel price did not rebound significantly, resulting in losses. Pressure is still high, and the market is generally expected to reduce the amount of losses in a single quarter to less than 10 billion yuan.

As for the net after-tax net losses of Huaying and Caijing, which were RMB 16.6 billion and NT$ 10.5 billion respectively, the loss situation has significantly improved. In addition, Huaying and Caijing have accelerated the transfer of production capacity from large-size panels to medium- and small-sized panels with better interest rates. The single-quarter loss will also improve. According to the analysis, the losses of Taiwan's four panel makers in the second quarter were still more than NT$15 billion, and the total losses in the first half of the year are expected to suffer losses of NT$50 billion. Whenever we can make a profit, we must look at when production cuts will play a role.

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