Hengri Optoelectronics Launches Third Generation Lightan Commercial Lighting Series LED

In the commercial lighting market, LEDs have always had insufficient brightness, excessive glare, and severe light decay. LED COB package maker Lighten Corp. recently announced the launch of the Lightan III commercial lighting series.

In addition to maintaining low thermal resistance, no vulcanization problems and high luminous efficacy, the Lightan III series completely solves the problems of optical and mechanical problems encountered in the design and assembly of the lighting factory. The full range of light-emitting areas of the Lightan commercial series and The relevant screw holes are in line with the specifications of the relevant lens and reflector cups of the current optical manufacturers. The lamp factory can find the relevant lens, reflector cup, holder and machine components in the market, and provide the lamp factory - friendly light source module.

In addition to the high color rendering (CRI/Ra) required for commercial lighting, the Lightan Commercial Series offers a choice of CRI=70, 80, 90 and other color renderings to meet all the needs of commercial lighting.

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