Finnish development of robots that can identify recyclables from waste

Finland has recently developed a robot that identifies and classifies recyclable items in a wide range of waste.

According to R&D staff at Zene Robotics, Finland, the robot can sort out piles of garbage based on comprehensive data and tactile feedback collected by vision sensors, metal detectors and weight gauges mounted on their arms. Recyclable materials such as metals, concrete, wood and plastics are classified and classified.

During operation, the sorted waste is placed on a conveyor belt, and the robot's robot picks it up and analyzes it. If it can identify its type, the robot places it in a different sorting box.

The robot's sorting system is assembled from off-the-shelf industrial robot components and new measuring devices can be added to further enhance the success rate of such robot identification and sorting. Tests carried out by the Finnish recycling and waste disposal company on construction sites since February this year show that the robot works well.

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