Sanji audio company takes the lead in realizing audio automatic standby function

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Today in the era of electronic information, the standby of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products has long been nothing new, and the professional audio can also achieve automatic standby technology. This is the first time in the audio industry; recently, the Ra10 developed by Sanji Audio Company And the Ra12 active coaxial speaker achieved this breakthrough.

Ra10 and Ra12 active coaxial audio are completely developed by Sanji Audio Company. He uses many world-class technologies and is known as the Energy Star. First of all, Ra series audio uses coaxial technology to better phase characteristics, thus reducing high and low sound. Mutual interference enhances the sound image; secondly, the horn of the sound can be freely rotated without any tools, which is convenient and convenient; while the Ra series speaker unit uses a high-efficiency transducer with standby technology, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the product; These technical functions can automatically detect the input signal, and without inputting the signal for a certain period of time, the sound automatically enters the standby state, thereby reducing energy consumption.

It is reported that this is the first in the domestic professional audio industry! This breakthrough not only helps protect the circuit, improves the safety and reliability of the equipment, but also reduces the environmental protection and energy saving of the audio equipment, responds to the national sustainable development strategy, low-carbon environmental protection, and key energy reduction. This technology is expected to be realized in the same series of products soon. In addition, other electronic products of the three bases will also strive to develop in this direction, continue to lead the trend of professional audio energy conservation, and practice energy conservation and environmental protection.

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