Vision high hardware cloud conferencing system meets individual customization needs

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In most users' impressions, the first thing that comes to the hardware video conferencing system is the complicated hardware and high economic input, and the concepts of customization and convenience are impossible to talk about. However, the introduction of high-definition high-definition hardware terminal video conferencing has fundamentally changed this inherent view. Based on the hardware system of the high-cloud conference platform application, the hardware device with the simplest deployment, the most powerful function and the most cost-effective is adopted. Configuration, high-performance software video conferencing with more flexible design, can provide differentiated customized services for different situations to meet the individual needs of different types of users.

Classified user needs analysis

1. Government, large enterprises and institutions. The video conferencing of the "meeting/conference room" is relatively high, and the application is wide. For example, government users generally require construction requirements from the provincial departments. The application scope covers all levels of cities and counties within the jurisdiction, and even subordinate units at the township level. The audio and video effects of the system are required to reach the full HD standard, and the multi-channel synchronous conference has a large capacity, and can be connected to an own system such as OA and ERP without a release.

2. Small and medium micro users. Mainly applied between headquarters and multiple branches or remote offices, the requirement is "multi-point and peer-to-peer online communication audio and video with high fluency and excellent effect; remote office collaboration features are abundant; must support mobile video conferencing seamless access" Wait.

Vision high hardware cloud conference custom design

1. hardware equipment. It is divided into three important components: the high-level multi-point control unit MCU, the full HD terminal, and the video conferencing dedicated computer. In the face of large-scale users such as the government and large enterprises and institutions, the design plan given by Shigao includes exclusive configuration such as “MCU cluster, full HD interface terminal point distribution, high-end audio and video acquisition and output auxiliary materials”. For small and medium-sized micro-enterprise users, the "headquarters single or cluster MCU, terminal point distribution and optional HD / SD video interface, audio and video accessories integration according to effective principles" is adopted. Regarding the deployment of hardware devices, regardless of the size of the users, the high-tech personnel will design the most efficient and cost-effective professional hardware cloud conference platform with the goal of “efficient, low-input”.

2. Software system. This is the key to the application of the user video conferencing system, which determines the cross-network and cross-platform application capabilities of the overall system, and also determines whether the platform can openly access its own system. Vision high-definition hardware terminal video conferencing equipped with high V4.0 software system, with advanced functions of cloud conferencing, can be used in different environments of fiber, broadband, ADSL, 3G/4G, such as Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, China Unicom, etc. The network application breaks through the bottleneck of the North-South network interoperability, and can be used for large-scale networking and wide-area applications. At the same time, it supports the current mainstream mobile conference methods such as tablet PCs and smart phones to access the conference room cloud conference platform, and synchronously share and exchange conference information. Upgrade. In addition, many existing users require video conferencing to seamlessly access the existing system being applied to improve application convenience and security. In response to this increasingly common demand, Vision has completed the development of open cloud conferencing technology. A universal open interface can be added to the hardware system to achieve seamless access to systems such as OA, CRM, ERP, telemedicine education websites, portal websites, and enterprise self-built websites, to achieve dual account login and dual system information. By accessing and using the simple application goals that can be shared at high speed, users can customize these personalized functions according to requirements, and the system's later application upgrades, extensions and expansions are also easy to implement.

With the in-depth development of the information age, the differentiated demand for video conferencing will become more and more obvious. As a professional service provider that leads the domestic video conferencing technology innovation, we will vigorously develop and develop hardware video for the flexible versatility of its cloud conferencing products. The conference is “presenting the venue/conference room application as the main line”, and it is a typical representative of “quality video conference audio-visual effect classification, diversified demand design and deployment”.

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