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The LED industry has entered the era of meager profit. As another important fulcrum of the Pearl River Delta, what about the situation in Guangzhou? The reporter conducted an interview.

“The lack of innovative LED companies is getting worse and worse.” Mr. Ye, the head of Guangzhou Ai Fan Electronics Co., Ltd. said frankly, “China’s LED industry has entered the era of low profit, although the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for the development of semiconductor lighting technology The Plan clearly defines the attractive prospects for China to become the world's top three in the industry. However, such a strong LED industry zone in Shenzhen has to take the lead in the country to experience the "darkness before dawn" period, not to mention Guangzhou.

Thanks to Guangzhou's excellent exhibition resources, Guangzhou LED companies have another unique advantage - foreign trade. From the initial stage of the venture, Love Fan Electronics relied on high-margin orders from Europe and the United States for continuous technological innovation, avoiding the profit model of price war alone, and laid an excellent foundation for future industrial transformation. In 2012, Ai Fan Electronics made a bold transformation. On the basis of relying on foreign orders, it took the road of its own brand - Flash, which is the huge domestic home lighting market.

Mr. Ye said that in the current weak international and domestic economic situation, it is necessary to step out of the circle of foreign orders and domestic engineering orders, and build a self-owned brand to survive and survive in the future cruel market competition. . How to build a brand? Mr. Ye said frankly that Love Electronics is also at the stage of exploration, but it is roughly divided into two modes: online Internet marketing and offline channel agency. Currently, it is actively preparing for the entry of large B2C platforms such as Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong, and the Pearl River Delta region. Such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Panyu and other areas of distribution agency work. Among them, the line online sales is a brand-new attempt, representing the innovation of traditional LED companies in marketing thinking, getting rid of the single mode of relying on offline agents in the past, and also firmly grasping the main market of LED home lighting. Consumer groups - the consumption habits of the 80s.

At present, the price of LED lamps is generally high, and the quality level is not uniform. Many consumers are discouraged. Love fans have greatly reduced the cost price through mass production, such as LED ceiling lamps, LED bulbs, and then heat dissipation and driving of LEDs. The improvement of technology such as light source and chip has greatly improved the service life and stability, especially the driving power supply. According to the author, Love Electronics has adopted the method of independent research and development to produce the driving power supply to improve the quality stability and greatly avoid the inferior power supply. And the unnecessary quality problems that arise.

In addition, Love Fan Electronics is combining intelligent terminals (such as smart phones, tablets) and LED lighting to achieve a user-friendly setting of simple control, which greatly increases the added value of LED products and gets rid of pure Rely on the low-cost primary profit model.

To sum up, compared with LED companies in Shenzhen, LED companies in Guangzhou have a slight win in marketing methods, technological innovation, customer accumulation, brand marketing, etc. This explains why Guangzhou LED companies can be in such a harsh winter market environment. The bigger the more, the faster and faster, thus laying a solid foundation for the company to break through.

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