Embedded LED light won the German award

Embedded LED light won the German award The German iF design award, known as the Oscar of the design industry, has recently fallen to TONS Tang Shi Lighting. This is why Tang Shi Lighting has won the 2012 iF Product Design Award after winning the “LED Mini Wisdom Track Lighting Unit”. The -409R Embedded LED Light has won the 2013 iF Product Design Award.

"DW-409R Recessed Light" uses environmentally-friendly and energy-saving LEDs as its light source. It is based on the design of the "Song Dynasty official hat" and integrates Chinese traditional culture with modern environmental protection technologies. Lighting design pulls a 45 degree angle from a large angle, horizontally rotates 355 degrees, combines wall wash lighting and key lighting functions to make the application space more flexible; the heat dissipation structure of the tilt and sheet design allows the lamps to be used in different pull-down angles. It can maintain the best heat dissipation performance; the adoption of unique high-efficiency optical lens and 20-degree light-cutting angle design allow high-efficiency and comfortable lighting effects to be presented at the same time. The DW-409R presents creativity in appearance design, and at the same time, it combines function surfaces to make the product experience more user-friendly.

The German iF Design Award was established in 1954 by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum in Germany. It is one of the most respected annual awards for the industrial design community. The evaluation criteria include product attributes such as aesthetics, product quality, material selection, technological innovation, and functionality, as well as clear indicators of user experience attributes such as ergonomics, safety, environmental protection measures, and durability.

Standard Recovery Stud Diode are mainly used for rectifying and switching

It has positive pressure reduction (0.4v -- 1.0v), short reverse recovery time (2-10ns nanosecond), large reverse leakage current, low pressure resistance, generally lower than 150V, and is used in low voltage situations.

Diodes are electronic devices that have two electrodes that allow only a single current to flow in a single direction.Varicap bond (bond) is an electronic adjustable capacitor.Most diodes have a current orientation that we call reading "rectifier".The most common function of a diode is to allow only the current to pass in one direction (called forward bias) and to block in the opposite direction (called reverse bias).

Standard Recovery Stud Diode

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