Dry Photoelectric Investment Red Yellow LED LED Chip

Jizhao Optoelectronics decided to invest RMB 551 million out of the RMB 822 million in fund-raising projects “Other operating funds related to main business” for investing in “Projects to expand production capacity in main operations”, which will reach an annual output of 360 The production capacity of 100 million AlGaInP high brightness red and yellow LED chips.

Qianzhao Optoelectronics stated that with the rapid expansion of market demand, red-yellow LED chips have been in a state of severe demand, and the gap has reached more than 50%. Each LED manufacturer is actively expanding its production scale. If the company wants to maintain its leading position in the industry, it must expand production and must go ahead. Future competition is unavoidable, and cost reduction will be a major factor. An important method of reducing costs is the scale of production. In addition, government subsidies have timeliness. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to expand production capacity.

The project is located in Yangzhou Economic Development Zone, covering an area of ​​40 mu, with a fixed asset investment of 391 million yuan, intangible assets of 4.4 million yuan, and circulating funds of 156 million yuan. The main equipment of the project is 16 quaternary MOCVD epitaxial furnaces and corresponding chip production equipment. The project has achieved annual sales of 691 million yuan, the first annual sales income of 591 million yuan, after-tax profits of 175 million yuan, plans to formally put into production before December 2011.

According to the net IPO fundraising of 1.265 billion yuan, at present, it has used 117 million yuan.

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