3535/5050 lamp bead LED display for three outdoor barriers

LED outdoor surface mount 3535/5050 products are the main choice for outdoor LED display with its three-in-one mixed color display mode. However, due to the physiological defects of the product itself, the following problems can be solved, and the 3535 or 5050 LED display can be used outdoors.
1. The material selection should be considered to be similar to reduce the influence of stress; considering the compatibility between each other, the sealing property can be improved; considering the strong UV resistance, the aging cycle of the material can be delayed;
2. Seek breakthroughs in product technology in order to effectively resolve the impact of internal stress on product quality;
3, in the product design to seek a breakthrough, you can consider changing the combination of a variety of materials, for a single material package.
Only when these problems are solved, the 3535 or 5050 products can be used as a stable and mature product, and can be safely and normally used in outdoor LED displays, providing maximum benefits for the market, enterprises, and customers.

Cabinet Light

Lighting is an integral part of building, and different lights have different functions, which can bring different spatial effects.Especial cabinet light, it become very important role in home lighting . It are mainly used for local lighting and decoration . There are two types of installation, one is surface mounting, it is used to on cabinets, wardrobe, reveal ark. Another type is recessed mounting. It is so suitable for wine cabinet . LEDER has a variety shapes of cabinet light, not only offer the effect of illumination, more let you have a beautiful feeling.

LED Light source, high brightness, high color index, energy saving.

Slim and grace design, uniform spot, anti glare.

50,000 hour expected lifetime

Cabinet Light

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