Home LED optical beauty machine is suspicious

At present, there are many household optical beauty machines in the market. The machine is equipped with LED light source, which claims to improve skin quality and relieve acne problems through light. On September 16, the Hong Kong Consumer Council's investigation of optical beauty machines found that only the Blu-ray machine improved the efficacy of acne, but the effect was short-lived, failed to improve the serious acne problem, and it is likely to deepen the skin pigmentation.

As for other color beauty technologies, including LED red, yellow and green light machines, which claim to reduce wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and blemishes, these applications are still in the research stage, and the improvement effect is not ideal, often with photosensitivity drugs and Other skin rejuvenation methods.

The Hong Kong Consumer Council does not recommend patients with epilepsy and photophobia. Skin stain problems should not be solved by optical instruments.

The bending and forming of the metal plate is carried out on the bending machine. Place the workpiece to be formed on the bending machine, lift the brake shoe with the lifting lever, slide the workpiece to the proper position, and then lower the brake shoe to the workpiece to be formed, and realize the bending of the metal by applying force to the bending lever of the bending machine.

Sheet Metal Forming Process

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