The lighting capital test water "clear price" and plans to introduce a disciplinary mechanism

[High-tech LED reporter Zhou Ziling / finishing]

For a long time, the high price of the lighting industry has been one of the main factors in the industry. For many reasons, this problem that has plagued consumers for many years has not been solved. After the successful convening of the 18th National Congress, through the east wind of Guangdong's “three strikes and two constructions”, the ancient capital of lighting capital recently proposed to test the “clear price” and planned to introduce a series of disciplinary mechanisms of “one place is untrustworthy and subject to punishment”.

Recently, Zhongshan held a conference to promote the construction of a social credit system. The Guzhen Town Government stated that it will select pilot enterprises and units in the town for pilot projects, such as Huayi, Shengqiu, Kaiyuan and other large-scale lighting and lighting enterprises, as well as large-scale lighting stores such as Times Square, Dongfang Yusheng and World Trade Plaza. Units, pilot implementation of the price of the product price.

The Guzhen Town Government will formulate price penalties for “one place is untrustworthy and subject to punishment”. Specific measures include: pilot units gradually exert the role of industry demonstration and benchmarking; build a public publishing platform in the town, set up a “red and black list”, and trustworthy enterprises publicly offer praise and give certain government rewards, and enterprises that lose trust will be notified and exposed. In the aspects of corporate finance, project approval, etc., set a high threshold for untrustworthy enterprises; relying on relevant government departments and industry associations to resolutely resist the bad manufacturers of the black sheep.

In addition, Guzhen Town will also issue an open letter, lighting product pricing standard specification documents, and guide the ancient town lighting enterprises to regulate pricing behavior. Organized major enterprises and shopping malls to sign the "Lighting Commodities Pricing Self-discipline Commitment Letter" and other activities to promote the standard operation of lighting companies and clearly mark the price. At the same time, the government will also set up a clear price inspection team, focusing on the implementation of comprehensive inspections of the pilot units, recording the price status, and checking whether there is price fraud. Standardize lighting company pricing standards, guide relevant enterprises to abide by the law, reasonable pricing, and stabilize the market order, so as to promote the town's lighting industry to gradually move toward a benign market environment.

It is reported that the "standard lighting performance behavior" of Guzhen Town will be fully implemented at the end of December. A summary will be held in January next year and the town will promote pilot experience.

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