CES 2016, LG demonstrates strong OLED and LCD capabilities

From January 6th to January 9th, LG Display, the world's leading display industry leader, will present its many cutting-edge display products at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 in Las Vegas, USA. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, LG Display has set up display areas such as OLED Zone and LCD Zone, and set up a separate display area for the fast-growing commercial display market and the car display market, with a series of cutting-edge Show the product and convey the concept of “Your ImaginaTIon, Our InnovaTIon” to the audience.

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Many OLED frontier products collectively unveiled

At this exhibition, OLED is still one of the core of LG Display's display, covering its perfect image quality, amazing design flexibility, and its infinite possibilities in more applications and devices.

First appeared in the UHD OLED panel for 65, 77-inch TVs that have been approved for the best image quality in all aspects of contrast, color gamut, and viewing angle. The product has the same level of color gamut as the professional products used in editing movies. It can display the perfect black color only for OLEDs, and the brightness is further enhanced. It is equipped with HDR technology and has unmatched image quality. .

LG Display also demonstrated a 55-inch double-sided display for digital signage and a 139-inch VTO (VerTIcal TIling OLED) with eight 65-inch OLEDs that form an "S" shaped display wall by double-sided splicing. Demonstrates the infinite development possibilities of OLEDs in commercial displays.

In addition, LG Display also demonstrated the world's first 18-inch Rollable OLED with a 30R radius of curvature, a 65-inch Conveve/Convex OLED, and a control circuit hidden beneath the screen. The thin design concept of the 55-inch Paper-Thin OLED TV shows the future possibilities of OLED.

Front-end TV products such as 8K with no borders and RGBW technology are first publicized

In the LCD Zone, the most eye-catching is the LG Display upgraded version of Art Slim technology, which achieves a 65-inch 4-sided Borderless TV that breaks the frame limit, and it once again demonstrates its design advantages. In addition, LG Display also demonstrated for the first time an 8K (7680 × 4320) resolution 65-inch TV panel based on LG Display's latest embedded HDR RGBW technology, which saves energy compared to conventional products while maintaining the same brightness. %, or the same energy consumption, the brightness can be increased by 50%. It demonstrates the competitiveness of LG Display's differentiated RGBW technology, which fully demonstrates the technical heritage of the company that has consistently ranked first in the world for six years.

In the commercial display area, LG Display has demonstrated the world's first successful retail/commercial/airport desk display, with an 86-inch Stertched LCD with the best aspect ratio of 58:9, which has accelerated the development of new commercial markets. pace of. The world's thinnest 0.9mm frame of 55-inch 4-video video wall (Video Wall) also debuted, showing the audience a wide range of solutions for commercial LG Display.

In the car display area, LG Display displayed a 25-inch Waterfall LCD that blends perfectly with the interior surfaces of the vehicle. It also features a 10.3-inch touchscreen with Glove Touch technology designed for users who wear gloves.

In addition, LG Display has expanded the AIT (Advanced In-cell Touch), which was previously used in smartphones and tablet products, to 11.6" 2 in 1 notebooks and 23-inch display products. AIT technology facilitates the slim design of notebook computers and displays by eliminating the need for Touch Cover Glass. At the same time, it also shows the built-in RGBW technology, the 15.6-inch UHD notebook panel that can reduce energy consumption, and the 8K resolution 31.5-inch display panel that can display the same fine picture as the real thing, which reflects the company's leading development of the future display market. Differentiation technology.

"LG Display will continue to use differentiated technologies to meet the ever-changing requirements of the market and the needs of various industries, and seek diversified solutions together with customers." LG Display Vice President Han Xiangfan said: "At the same time, the company's diversified solutions are also The ever-expanding OLED market and the rapidly developing future of on-board displays and digital signage are well prepared, thus pre-empting people, continuing to provide differentiated value to customers and the market, and continuously consolidating the industry position of the company's display industry leaders. ”

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