Automatic control system for flour workshop lighting

(Kunshan Tianfeng Flour Mill, 215337, Kunshan, Jiangsu) The lighting design capacity of our factory's milling workshop is about 30kW. Due to various reasons, the lighting of the workshop is “long light”, and the waste is amazing. The cost of replacing the lamps is only a lot every year. More. Therefore, the author designed a light-controlled electronic switch to change the workshop lighting into automatic control.

1 working principle is 5G555 time base circuit principle, it includes a triode switch Ti, two voltage comparators Ci and C2, a basic RS flip-flop, and a voltage divider consisting of three resistors with a resistance of 5k.

For the light control electronic switch circuit diagram. The 5G555 time base circuit is used to control the on and off of the SCR, and the photoresistor is used as the sensor.

Control circuit diagram for the lighting power of the workshop. Automatic and manual switching can be performed as needed.

When the light impinging on the photoresistor LDR is enhanced, the resistance of the LDR is decreased and the voltage drop on the LDR is decreased. When the value is less than 1/3 of the power supply voltage, S is low, and the flip-flop is turned over. The output level V0 of the 5G555 output terminal 3 is high level, triggering the thyristor SCR to be turned on, the relay KA coil is electrically connected, its normally closed contact is disconnected, the contactor KM coil is de-energized, and the lighting power supply is cut off. When the light impinging on the photoresistor LDR is weakened, the resistance of the LDR increases and the voltage drop on the LDR increases. When the value is greater than 2/3 of the power supply voltage, R is low, and the flip-flop is reset. 5G555 output terminal 3 output level V0 is low level, the PNP transistor BG is turned on instantaneously through the capacitor C4, so the thyristor SCR anode is cut off due to no voltage, the relay KA coil is de-energized, and its normally closed contact is closed. The contactor KM coil is electrically connected and the lighting power is turned on.

2 original device selection capacitor, 1MF; C4: electrolytic capacitor, 10/50V; W: three-terminal regulator 3 installation and commissioning, light control switch circuit board, contactor, etc. installed in the bottom lighting lighting distribution box, photoresistor Installed on the fixed window glass on the ground floor. Adjust the potentiometer R1 to adjust the light control sensitivity to achieve the automatic control effect of the daytime off of the workshop lighting and the nighttime opening.

The lighting distribution system is partially adjusted. The lighting power supply of the ground floor power distribution room, the control room of the second floor and the air conditioning socket power supply of the control room and the socket power supply of the whole building are separately controlled. The rest of the lighting power supply is automatically controlled by the light control switch. Considering that when the light control switch fails, in order not to affect the lighting of the workshop, the control mode of the workshop lighting is designed to be automatic and manual.

The estimated electricity saving for 4 years is 20kW for workshop lighting, 10h/d for lighting, and 300d/year for lighting. The annual electricity saving is 42,000 yuan (20X14X300X0.5).

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