Moved the IMAX theater to the living room "Black Tech" Yuan projector P10 officially released

When it comes to projectors, I believe many netizens are not unfamiliar. Both the company's conference rooms and school classrooms have their presence. With the advent of the smart age, projectors have also become smart projectors, and in addition to the office space, the living room has also become a habitat. Recently, a smart projector known as "moving the IMAX theater to the living room" entered the Jingdong Crowdfunding Platform Projection P10.

At present, Yuanpu P10 has 6,029 supporters, and crowdfunding has reached about 1.1 million, which is more than 900,000 yuan from its target of 2 million. The crowdfunding price is only 5,999 yuan. If you are interested in smart projection, you can look at it. . According to the crowdfunding data, Yuanpu P10 is developed and produced by Shenzhen Zhige Technology Co., Ltd. The company's products cover three major areas: private cinema equipment, smart home appliances and home purification solutions.

It is reported that the Yuanzhao P10 is equipped with YuanOS intelligent system, built-in video software such as Tencent, VST, and Taijie, including nearly 4,000 movies, more than 100,000 episodes of serials, a total of 400,000 hours of movie and TV drama resources, and kept updated.

In terms of projection effects, the meta-projection P10 requires only 30 cm of super short-distance, and can achieve no screen projection on the wall, forming a huge 120-inch screen effect, the IMAX theater will be perfectly concentrated to the family living room. In addition, the user can also operate the cloud projection P10 through the remote control of the APP to enjoy the era of large-screen living room entertainment. LED environmental protection light source is another bright spot of Yuancheng projection P10, achieving zero radiation, more eye protection, letting you who love movies, enjoy healthier movies.

In addition to exquisite internal configuration, Yuan projector P10's appearance is also very stunning, using avant-garde industrial design, with a piano paint cover and aluminum alloy frame molding design, so that the value of Yuan projector P10 into a living room a different kind of landscape.

Xiao Bian thinks that this meta-projection P10 will allow more families to have newer choices in audio and video entertainment, based on rich content-ends and large screens that LCD TVs cannot match, and extremely attractive low prices. For the traditional TV industry is a big impact.

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