Four major advantages and three major shortcomings of the millet box mini

Several of the family's mobile phones are used by millet, like this brand, domestic products, good quality, cost-effective, unlike the cottage, is the pride of the people. Millet box work is very delicate, from the outside of the carton packaging, to the inside of the line, the box, really exquisite ah. A look is a good thing on tall. The millet box has a lot of features and can download a lot of other things. Yes, it is being used.

The mini box of millet box is the smallest size of a millet TV box so far. Its size is 46.8×46.8×38mm, which is similar to the size of the power adapter of Apple iPhone. It is ultra-low price, mainstream hardware configuration, small and unique Meng shape, it seems that Xiaomi want to open the TV box to face the new wave of technology reforms, and it decisively make a choice between the configuration of this square inch.

Millet box mini version uses MTK MT8685 Cortex-A7, quad-core 1.3GHz, GPU is Mali-450 MP4, 4+2 core 416MHz, 1GB DDR3 memory, 4GB eMMC 4.5 high-speed flash memory, supports 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, running Android 4.4.2 system. Video is equipped with an HDMI 1.4a interface, supports H.265 decoding, maximum resolution supports 1080P@30FPS, supports multiple video formats.

The millet box is basically the same as the system UI of the enhanced version of the previously listed millet box. The main interface mainly includes online video, game center, and application store. In addition, it also supports the development of applications and games. The newly installed applications will be arranged on the right side of the main interface. Apart from the applications that come with the system, new applications that you install yourself can be customized and sorted. When you look for applications, it is still more convenient.

Millet box mini version advantages

1. The new millet box mini version is very small and small. Many people think at first glance to think of it as a charger. The advantage of doing this is that it is very convenient to carry, and it also does not take up space in the home and put it in the socket. None of the above will affect other power outlets.

2, support mobile screen shooting function, or more practical, find a film, shooting photos, installed applications can be quickly achieved

3, H.265 format for hard decoding, play a saving effect on the network bandwidth.
4, with Bluetooth 4.0 module, and through Bluetooth and remote control connection, effectively circumventing the infrared remote control in the use of the scene of the defects.

Millet box mini version shortcomings

1, millet box mini version of the fuselage has only one HDMI interface, so if you want to use analog audio output is almost impossible, the audio output can only be achieved through HDMI and Bluetooth two ways.

2. The overall hardware configuration of the millet box has dropped by a notch. It does not support the 4K output, and the processor is replaced with a low-power but relatively weaker A7 architecture with 4 core MTK MT8685, processor clock speed and GPU performance. The decline.

3. In terms of networking, it waved farewell to the Gigabit rate of 802.11ac, and there was a small difference between the two versions of HDMI 1.4 ab. Personally, what I care about most is that it cancels the USB interface, which is enough to deal with the users who are accustomed to watching the download movie. It is a deadly blow unless you have Xiaomi routing or use a relatively cumbersome multi-screen interactive viewing. The millet box will not make you happy with the local movie.

The millet box is really easy to use and has its extraordinary features:

1. The Bluetooth remote control has no directionality and it really satisfies the need for remote control lying on the bed;
2, the operation interface is simple, which brings a convenient user experience;
3, can use Bluetooth headset, you can not affect others rest, while Bluetooth stereo is very enjoyable;
4, when the super-clear picture quality and enjoyment, clearer than the average digital TV;
5. There are too many fee-based movies. Some can't stand it. Fortunately, there are no charges for TV shows.

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