Nokia released the X series finale Android road completely bankrupt

According to sources, the product will become the finale of the Nokia X series, because Microsoft officially regards it as a "final axis product."

Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Nadella announced in an email that plans to transfer the design and products of the Nokia X-series handsets to Lumia devices running Windows Phone.

The Nokia X series was originally given hope. Nokia China R&D department hoped to achieve self-rescue through this product in order to cope with the crisis of sales decline in its functional machine market. However, after Microsoft completed the acquisition, the product has been in a hurry, one of the reasons is that the X series and the price of the Lumia series will face competition.

After Nadella took over as CEO, it set a new goal for Microsoft and gradually cut off some unreasonable projects. The massive backlog of Nokia X stocks is one of the potential hidden dangers that Microsoft has not yet solved. As a result, the project became the hardest hit by Microsoft in this round of layoffs.

Nokia XL

For this finale, Microsoft vice president and general manager of Microsoft China Mobile Equipment, Erik Bertman, still wants to send positive news to his users. He said, "The launch of the Nokia XL 4G upgrade will provide consumers with more diverse and personalized choices in the field of 4G thousand yuan."

From the hardware configuration point of view, the upgrade of the product is not prominent, and supporting the TD-LTE 4G network has become the only bright spot of the product. However, the network supported by the product includes four network standards, such as TDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, GSM, and WCDMA, and does not include FDD-LTE. As can be seen from the product promotion map released by Microsoft, the product will be mainly for users of China Mobile (microblogging).

Microsoft announced that the product will be officially released in mainland China in early August.

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