People's lamp interaction: the future brain wave can switch LED lights, adjust the brightness and darkness

Can you imagine that through your own brain, you can control the switch, color and brightness of the room lights? These whimsy, Hangzhou Luo La Di Si Lighting System Co., Ltd. can help you achieve.

"In the future, you can 'communicate' with the lights." Wang Zhongquan, general manager of Hangzhou Luolai Disi Lighting System Co., Ltd. said that they are currently working on outdoor lighting for LED lights, and then will develop a series of LED smart lighting products.

Unique lighting effects lighting can interact with human brain waves to control the light switch <br> <br> along the Hangzhou section of the Grand Canal, Temple Ji Gong Temple, balcony Qianjiang New City, Culture Wave City, so many People praised. These lights are not static. If you want to change, a thousand miles away, an instruction can make them another style without the need for engineers to come to the scene. This is the outdoor intelligent lighting effect created by the company.

In addition to the remotely controlled system, the company is also building lights that capture information. “Five-star hotels and commercial complexes usually have special colors and bright lights to make them popular, but these lights only stay in the lighting and rendering atmosphere.” Wang Zhongquan said that they want to turn these lights into information. The lamp, which can count the traffic of the mall, analyze the gender and age structure of the consumers entering and leaving the mall, which will greatly help the merchants in the mall.

At the same time, Wang Zhongquan revealed that they will have a variety of smart interactive products to be available. One of them is through the brainwave light control system. As long as the product is worn on the head, it can collect the biosignal of the cerebral cortex and convert it into a digital signal that can be recognized by the lighting controller. Your brainwaves not only turn the lights on and off, but also adjust the light, shade and color of the area.

The lights also play "cross-border" lighting people in the cultural circle of the cultural people "We are not selling lights, is art." This is the first sentence Wang Zhongquan said before the interview.

In 2004, Wang Zhongquan took the team back from Shanghai to Hangzhou and founded the company. In the past 10 years, their slogan has changed from "initiating the future with the core" to "the communicator of the light culture", and now to the "LED smart lighting leader". This way down, the lamp has been sublimated from the traditional lighting tools to the art lighting.

At present, in addition to receiving five-star hotels, large-scale municipal and commercial complex projects, they have also played a “cross-border” and entered the traditional culture. “We set up a tea party with tea culture and a variety of elegant art and culture elements into a tea party.” Wang Zhongquan said that they also occasionally sponsored various art exhibitions and calligraphy exhibitions to show the master’s works under wonderful lighting. .

Wang Zhongquan believes that cross-border is an inevitable trend, and different industries have cross-border needs in different periods. Cross-border is not just a collision of thoughts. In today's lighting design, it is no longer just a project, a technician, but a director, a scene designer, and lighting and lighting are just tools for creating. Under such a platform, the connotation of lighting design becomes rich, the technical means become diverse, and its own value space is also widened.

Comments domestic lighting industry veteran commentator: Gunning <br> <br> intelligent lighting there are two concepts, one is the traditional function of providing illumination; the other is the means to achieve the information visualization of the future. At present, the light stays at the level of serving people. In addition to being able to illuminate, the current lighting has an interactive and intelligent trend. According to different information, the corresponding "reaction" is made to make people's lives more delicate.

What will the future lights look like? Lighting not only stays on lighting, but is integrated with society and becomes a means of information visualization. It can regulate the atmosphere of the environment, it can also adjust people's emotions, and it can also become one of the means of medical treatment.

Of course, the premise of integration is that the light has to “go out” and it has to be combined with the factors of the surrounding environment. This is not only the need to engage in light sources, products, and design, but more artists, environmental planners, and creative people may be involved.

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