NXP CMusIC high-quality car audio CD / MP3 system solution

Continue to uphold Philips' pursuit of excellence in quality, NXP's CMusIC high-quality car audio CD / MP3 system solution, relying on its strong technical support team, effectively save development investment and shorten time to market. Its high-speed ARM7 core can easily support external I / O devices to save the MCU of the main control board, so that the servo board "disappears" from then on, realizing a true single-chip solution, while matching the world's first low-IF FM and AM tuning controller TEF66xx. The solution has high integration and less peripheral equipment, which greatly reduces the user's raw material cost.

Program features

Car audio CD / MP3 subsystem that can be put into production immediately

Very high integration

TEF66xx low intermediate frequency FM and AM tuning control

SAF784x single-chip car CD chip embedded MP3 decoding function

TDA8567 4 channel 25 W class B audio amplifier

Complete software support, including: audio processing CD / MP3 control

Choose easy-to-operate software and hardware expansion

Enhanced shock protection

Fully integrated CD loading process

All silicon chips and software are fully verified by automotive grade

Solution hardware requirements

Power supply: need to provide 12V power supply

Venue: tables and tables are fine


Figure 1 SAF784X structure diagram


Figure 2 System block diagram (1)


Figure 3 System block diagram (2)


Figure 4 NXP SAF784x servo decoding chip with Xinhua Precision's latest movement CLC08 CD Module

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