Chen Yansheng: 2012 lighting industry will continue to grow steadily

Chen Yan, Chairman of the China Lighting Association, said in an interview with a reporter from the “China Government Procurement News” that during the year 2012, China’s lighting industry will continue to maintain steady growth.

"In 2011, China's lighting industry did not experience major fluctuations as the international financial crisis continued to spread. It still achieved steady growth, but failed to achieve the expected growth rate." Chen Yansheng told reporters that in 2011 China's lighting market exports Compared with 2010, it achieved a 20% increase. In addition, due to the country’s increased investment in public facilities, urban roads and other public areas, it has also led to the growth of the domestic lighting market. However, due to the impact of domestic real estate control policies, domestic lighting, especially home lighting, has been affected.

Chen Yansheng believes that China's lighting industry will continue to maintain steady growth in 2012, and this growth is mainly due to the positive impact of the state's financial subsidy policy. It is understood that LED lighting has been highly regarded by the relevant state departments, is expected to be included in the promotion of financial subsidies, the relevant departments are working out the relevant promotion and implementation of policies and programs. This will undoubtedly promote the development of the LED lighting industry and drive the rapid growth of the LED lighting market.

Talking about China's current LED lighting technology, Chen Yansheng believes that at present, China's LED lighting technology and the Western developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, there is still a big gap, especially in the upstream chip and packaging technology, but also need our company to strengthen technology Innovation and R&D, follow up with international advanced technology.

Capacitor for power transmission and transformation

Capacitor For Power Transmission And Transformation

Capacitor for power transmission and transformation