LED industry grows rapidly toward the era of LED lighting

· LED applications have expanded from indicator lights, signal lights, displays, landscape lighting to white lighting.

· With the continuous development of LED technology, application products continue to mature, and relevant standards will continue to be introduced.

Although it experienced the international financial crisis in 2009, it is still a year of rapid development of China's LED industry. Various funds have poured into this green field of “low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection”. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 20 extension and chip manufacturers that are investing heavily in China in 2009. In 2009, there were more than 3,000 enterprises and institutions engaged in the LED industry in China, and more than 800,000 people employed in the LED industry. The national LED industry has shown a prosperous situation.

LED epitaxial chip has reached a new level

Epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing are the core technologies of the LED industry. Currently, there are more than 50 research and production units for epitaxy and chip. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 production-type epitaxial furnaces operating online in 2009. The upstream epitaxy and chip production capacity have been rapidly improved, and the technology has been continuously improved. The products have begun to enter the middle and high-end. In 2009, with the support of governments at all levels, LED research institutes and manufacturers invested a large amount of manpower and capital, and carried out LED epitaxy, chip basic research, new product development and industrialized production technology research, and achieved very good technology. Great progress. It mainly includes the development of new structures, new technologies and new processes such as patterned substrate epitaxy, non-polar epitaxy, substrate transfer, laser lift-off, eutectic soldering, ITO electrode, surface roughening and photonic crystal, epitaxy, and chip The quantum efficiency and external quantum efficiency are significantly improved. The blue light power chip product has a white light efficiency of 80 lm/W to 100 lm/W, and the red light power chip product exceeds 35 lm/W. In 2009, a total of 55 billion chips were produced in China. According to the material system, GaN-based LEDs account for the largest share, accounting for 53% of the total, InGaAlP accounts for 5.9%, GaAlAs accounts for about 10.1%, GaAsP accounts for about 10.0%, and GaP accounts for about 20.2%. In 2009, the sales of epitaxy and chips showed a situation of short supply, mainly driven by the demand for LED backlighting and alternative LED white lighting, which indicates that the era of LED lighting is coming.

Application further expands into the field of lighting

In 2009, the structure of LED packaging products in China was significantly improved, and the application products flourished. Small scale and large quantity have always been the characteristics of China's LED packaging industry. There are about 100 enterprises in China with a certain scale and sales of more than 10 million yuan. They have formed a variety of package models with complete categories, which are basically synchronized with the models of foreign packaging products. Basically, we can find alternative products for imported products in China. . In 2009, there were about 100 billion packaged devices in China, and the production capacity accounted for 60% of the global total. With the packaging level of domestic chips, white light low power light efficiency can reach 110lm/W ~ 120lm / W, white light power LED can reach 90lm / W ~ 100lm / W. LED bulbs and tube lamps replacing traditional light sources have been used, and the market prospect is broad; LED street lamps have carried out demonstration applications and gained some experience; the chips used in the ultra-large color screens in front of Tiananmen Square on the 60th anniversary of the National Day are all made in China. Domestic manufacturers packaged; LED decorative lighting also shines at the Shanghai World Expo.

LED applications range from indicator lights, signal lights, display screens to landscape lighting, and have now expanded to white lighting. There are about 2,000 application manufacturers. In 2009, the output value of domestic LED application products was about 60 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than 30%.

The first batch of LED standards introduced

Due to the urgent need for the development of the LED industry, all relevant departments have been stepping up the development of LED standards. In 2009, the Semiconductor Lighting Standards Working Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the basic standards and product industry standards for nine LEDs. The nine standards announced this time cover LED materials, chips, devices and related test methods, which will help guide LEDs. The market is moving in an orderly manner to promote healthy and healthy development of the LED industry. So far, there are more than 40 LED standards, in addition to the local LED standards set by the provinces and municipalities, totaling more than 100 items. All relevant departments are also stepping up the development of more LED standards, and actively participate in the development of LED standards for international standards organizations CIE and IEC, and liaise and exchange with relevant US and Japan standardization organizations. In November 2009, they also traveled with Taiwan. The exchange of LED standards was carried out. With the continuous development of LED technology, application products continue to mature, and relevant standards will continue to be introduced in the future.

Welcome to the era of LED lighting

LED lighting applications have a large space for innovation, which will be another opportunity for the development of the LED industry. LED lighting source should break the design concept of traditional light source, adopt the design of surface light source, and walk out of the new road of independence. The surface light source component generally encapsulates the low-power LED chip directly on the metal-based circuit board, or installs the low-power device on the metal-based circuit board, and the power-effect LED is greatly reduced in consideration of the heat dissipation problem, and the power LED is used. Should be limited to 1W. Low-power LED chips and devices not only have high light efficiency, but also solve heat dissipation problems, and the light pollution caused by glare is low, and the price is cheap, which is convenient for general promotion. The LED traffic signal replaces the original 100W-200W traditional incandescent bulb with a 7W-10W LED surface light source assembled by a small power device. This is a good example of successful application. The LED illumination source can also adjust the brightness change, color change, color temperature change, and timing change that cannot be realized by the conventional light source through the electronic control circuit according to the required light environment requirements.

All of these have provided a large space for innovation in LED lighting applications. We should seize this opportunity to welcome the arrival of the LED lighting era.

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